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horsecrazy84 04-08-2011 09:31 AM

Sundance got his first ride!
Yesterday after tossing hay out and feeding hubby was sitting on top of the gate, watching and I was just going to work on getting Sundance to stand next to the gate so he'd get used to seeing someone above him and then that plan turned into us taking him down to the barn and saddling him. I lunged him with the tack for just maybe 5-10 minutes, made sure he responded very well to whoa and had hubby just lean over his back like we had done before and I walked Sundance a little like that. Hubby hopped off, got on the other side and I walked Sundance in a circle then told him I really thought Sundance was ready and wouldn't do anything if he went ahead and swung a leg over, so hubby did and Sundance just stood there. So I led him some more and let the lunge line out until hubby had more control of him but I could still quickly stop him if he wanted to speed up or not listen,etc.
Before we quit hubby unclipped the lunge line and rode him with me standing nearby and Sundance turned, stopped, even trotted(on the lunge) but he never once acted like he was even considering bucking. No pictures or video, it's too hard to work a horse and record lol, but the next ride we will have someone record the whole thing.
I was very proud of Sundance. I have done most of the work with him on the ground and such and I know that him knowing how to lunge and already understanding turning, stopping, etc made that first ride much better.

BansheeBabe 04-08-2011 05:18 PM

Yay! cant wait to see some pics!

horsecrazy84 04-08-2011 06:02 PM

We're going to ride him again in the morning so I'll have pics tomorrow, possibly a video. :)

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