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tim 04-27-2008 10:03 PM

Trailer debate -- please help me!
So we're currently in the market for a better trailer. We live in Va. and we own one horse who goes places on average about once a month.

Here's the situation. There are two fairly nice trailers within our state that are the same price... the only difference is that one is a 3 horse gooseneck slant with an 8 ft. awning and A/C and heat. You can see the listing here.

The other trailer is 4 years newer and is a 2 horse straight load with a tack room. Bumper pull. Nothing much else to get excited about, but it's a very nice trailer, and the exact trailer I have always thought would be perfect for our needs. A friend of mine once owned the same kind of trailer and they were very satisfied (not to mention they actually made money on the re-sale) with it. You can see the listing here.

The dilemma is this: we really don't need a three horse slant gooseneck. It's large, difficult to maintain, and we only have one horse who stays at home for the majority of the year. It just isn't practical to our needs. The 2 horse bumper pull however, is exactly what we need. It's sturdy, small enough to manage, but large enough to accommodate the horse, and with me in college, I can only foresee a decrease in my horse's annual travel.

Still, how can we pass up the opportunity of the 3 horse? When we started this shopping quest I never thought we'd be looking at 3 horse Sundowner gooseneck's with 10 ft. dressing rooms and 8 ft. awnings. Not to mention the A/C unit. It's a really nice trailer, and it's the same price as the 2 horse bumper pull...

Both are Sundowner, so there's nothing to debate there. The only real difference is this:

Do we sacrifice the manageability and practicality of a 2 horse bumper pull for the amenities of a nicer, larger trailer, or do we stick with the 2 horse, keep the practicality intact, but pass by an opportunity that we likely won't see again?

I hope you look at both of the listings and read all about them. Also, please vote and respond. I trust your judgement, and I hope it helps me out.

JustDressageIt 04-27-2008 10:26 PM

I would think that dragging around a 3 horse gooseneck would burn up more gas than a 2 horse bumper as well - this might influence your decision?
I would be very tempted to get the 3 horse gooseneck - but that's because I am an impulse buyer and would probably be very tempted to get the "fancier" one juse cause they're the same price.
In the grand scheme of things though, I'd suggest getting the bumper pull.

ETA: I just looked at both of them again, and I have to change my mind about one thing - I like the 2 horse bumper pull more, I'd get it, not the gooseneck.

mlkarel2010 04-27-2008 10:51 PM

The bumper pull sounds like less hassle for the amount you will use it and i think all the frills of the gooseneck since it is older are things just waiting to break....... I agree that the bumperpull would save on gas and would be easier to tug around... it sounds like it fits you better..... also, idk if you insure your trailers, but i would say that the insurance payments on it would be less in the case that you do....

tim 04-27-2008 10:52 PM


Originally Posted by JustDressageIt
ETA: I just looked at both of them again, and I have to change my mind about one thing - I like the 2 horse bumper pull more,

Any specific reason?

Sara 04-27-2008 11:02 PM

Gooseneck! The bells and whistles are nice, but my main reason would be the increased stability you get. If you don't live (or drive) in mountainous country, its not such a big deal...but even on rainy, slick roads, it can be pretty nice to have.

JustDressageIt 04-27-2008 11:10 PM


Originally Posted by tim

Originally Posted by JustDressageIt
ETA: I just looked at both of them again, and I have to change my mind about one thing - I like the 2 horse bumper pull more,

Any specific reason?

1) It looks to be in better condition
2) looks more space-practical
3) save on gas
4) no gooseneck attachment
5) hehe I have no idea.. I was just "attracted" to it more....

notorious_ 04-27-2008 11:16 PM

Honestly, i would go with the 3 horse goose neck, my grandmother has a trailer a lot like that one and is MORE then happy with it. and i personally think that a slant is a lot safer then a straight load. i feel like my horse could get injured easier, like they don't have enough room to move, but thats an OPINION not a fact.
plus, having extra room gives you the option to have someone pay you to take their horse to a show you're going to, or a trail ride, things like that. almost like carpooling. maybe call it horse pooling? haha
well, my opinion is that the three horse goose neck would be a better decision. =]

PoptartShop 04-28-2008 12:17 AM

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I say go with the bumper pull. ;)

kitten_Val 04-28-2008 06:47 AM

I'm little suspicious about the price on 3-horse one. I live in area and it indeed is cheap. And it's not that old either. And I really like that it's "slant", not "straight".

If you camp a lot, I'd say go with the 3-horse (because of the living area). If not, better go with 2-horse (as said it's smaller, newer, and will save you some gas).

Vidaloco 04-28-2008 07:44 AM

I think there are several things to concider. What are you pulling it with, and how hot does it get where you travel? If it doesn't get that hot and you don't want to have a vehicle with a 5th wheel hitch in the bed, go for the bumper pull. Its going to take a much larger vehicle to pull that 3 horse too. The bumper pull you could use a larger SUV or 1/2 ton truck. The gooseneck, you will have to have a larger truck with the hitch in the bed. Thats a personal thing with me as I like to keep a topper/cap on my truck bed.
Bumper pulls are easier to turn corners with. A gooseneck is easier to back up. You have to swing really wide with the gooseneck because of the pivot. The bumper pull pretty much tracks behind the vehicle.
They both have load lights I noticed. Pretty nice when you get home late and its pitch dark. I noticed the gooseneck ony had 1, you might ask what happened to the other one. A canopy is pretty nice on those hot sunny days but you could always add one to the bumper pull.
I think the resale would be easier on the bumper pull. More people are looking for that type of entry level trailer than the larger ones.
Its really a a tough call :? If your just using the trailer to get from point A to point B, get the bumper pull. If you hang out at the trailer a lot and want someplace to take a nap or get out of the elements get the gooseneck.
A good weight distribution hitch and or sway bar will take care of any handling problems with the bumper pull.
The back end of mine is exactly like the BP shown. I like being able to close the ramp and leave the top and front windows open for the horses. When its hot they get a nice breeze that way.
Just a tip, if you get the bumper pull make sure you re-do the latch on the ramp before putting it down. If you don't the weight of the horses will really mess up the latch :)

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