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shetlandpony222 04-27-2008 10:48 PM
my horse seriously overjumps fences. i have tried using groundpoles and such to make her not overjump as much but she will just jump the fence even larger. any ideas to stop the overjumping?

-xx-sally-xx- 04-28-2008 03:41 AM

hmm.. im thinking you may need to start from the begining.. start with trot poles until she goes perfect then continue from there.. maybe she wasnt properly educated and shes not sure how to do it properly anymore? if you need any help message me..

hope this helps!!

koomy56 04-28-2008 09:37 AM

The picture you posted on the Equitation thread you mentioned she was over jumping there? Do you mean over jumping as in jumping a small fence like it's 5 feet, or always taking the fences long? Because in that picture, I dont see her as over jumping at all! :) I see that maybe she took the distance long, but other than that she looks adorable and has alot of talent.
I'm not sure there's a specific exercise to not make them jump big. I suppose the more you jump the more confident they feel and they wont feel like they have to try so hard. I think you should be grateful for a pony like that. One that is careful, round, and uses itself! :)
Now if you are referring to taking long distances all the time, try slowing your gait. Slow it a good amount, and keep that pace right on through from your approach, over the jump, and on landing. Stay quiet in your body and allow her to figure it out. If you are coming up to the jump, and you feel she's going to launch, steady her a bit with your body and reins and see ifyou can encourage her to add in another stride. :)

pepperduck 04-28-2008 09:43 AM

Does she have eye problems? A horse that is having problems seeing will always over jump because they don't want to hit the fence. Next time your vet comes out, ask them about it and see what they think.

If it's a behavior/training type thing, try grid work. She won't be able to over jump if there is a fence immediately afterwards, she'll have to learn to take it easy in order to make the next fence ok.

Supermane 04-28-2008 12:51 PM

My mare has the exact same problem, she just hates clipping the fence. She'll jump about a half a foot over what she needs to.

I don't think there is a huge problem with it, I've never been penalized in the show ring for it... yet.

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