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phantomhorse13 04-10-2011 09:12 PM

No Frills 55 mile ride
my second ride of the season, the No Frills 55 mile ride, was this weekend in the mountains of Virginia. it started off less-than-ideally when i woke up 3am friday morning sick. luckily for me the vomiting portion passed by 10am, but sure made for a less-than-ideal morning (thank goodness i wasn't the one driving to the ride!). :shock:

the predicted monsoonal rains had come. the rain was nice enough to break long enough for us to set up camp, then it was at it in full force again.

upon finishing camp setup, i crawled into the trailer and went to sleep. and slept till it was time to register/vet in. then i slept until dinner/ride meeting. then i slept more. i think i was awake for roughly 5 hours the whole day friday!

saturday was much better. i still wasn't 100%, but i was able to ride. the monsoons had stopped, but left dense fog in its place. temps were chilly, in the low to mid 40s with a cold wind.

dreams was a rockstar. despite the cold and the bad visibility and the infamous rocky trail, she was up and forward and asking for more.

dreams pulsed down at all the holds in no time (pulse criteria was 60 bpm this ride)--always a sign we're doing things right.

while the trail is a tough one, there are also places you can really move out.

in the end, i tied for 8th place with a friend. decided to stand for best conditioned, along with just about all the top 10ers.

this is me trying not to fall down the muddy hilly while trotting dreams around the trees.

dreams earned best conditioned and high vet score!! i couldn't be more proud of her!! :D

Nokota 04-10-2011 09:40 PM

WOW!!! Great pics. Impressive endurance to do that after being sick. 55 miles in a weekend is quite the ride. Congrats.

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