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Ayia 04-10-2011 11:28 PM

I am a barrel racer/roper by nature. My main horse cowboy took a trip to a laser/magnetic therapy place today at the D&G. The man that checked him out has over 25 years exp in the area, he told me a few things mainly soreness, swelling, and bruiseing. Minor things, nothing serious, but I have always been the type of person for second opinions, since we are on the road alot during this time of year, I figured id get yall opinion instead of taking to our usual vet.

The man told me he has bruising on this front feet below the fetlock, but i figure its from the fact he just got shod a few days ago and go trimmed a little shorter than usual. Any suggestions on how to deal with the bruising without pulling shoes, since he cannot go without shoes.

He also told me his hamstrings are swollen and stressed, but that can be from a 3 day barrel race, and the travel, but i love my boy :), he suggested massaging the area with oils and rest. Which in the past i have used oils to deal with soreness or a injury. Any suggestions on anything to help

He told me that his hocks are sore, which like I said we did do a 3 day barrel race and plus travel, but i have been noticing him being sore exp when I pick up his back legs. he told me its a result of the soreness in hocks not wanting to shift his weight over. He also suggested hock injections, which i hae never been a fan of. He suggested magnetic therapy, any thoughts?

We have a week off before we are on the road again, and I am praying my boy is ready for action, any suggestions will be greatly apperciated. just btw im not trying to say the man is wrong in his diganos. but i just like second opinions, you know food for thought. thanks :)

Ayia 04-11-2011 11:52 PM

any thoughts?

bubba13 04-12-2011 12:16 AM

My thoughts is that if you've got a performace horse with soundness issues, you skip the hocus-pocus and go to a real equine vet who specializes in lameness. Spend the money (no more than lasering and magnets and all, I'm sure) and take the horse to a big, nice hospital, where he'll get the best diagnostics and care possible by real licensed and trained professionals, many of whom are actually open to holistic and alternative therapies.

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