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SonnyWimps 04-28-2008 05:33 PM

buiding up leg muscle
When I first started riding I'd only do my leg muscles were great. I could post all day long if I had to. But for the past month or so I've been riding western.

I liked western so I went out and bought a western saddle, but sadly it turned that it didn't fit as well as I thought. So now I have a western saddle that I need to sell (if anyone is in the New York area and would like a western give me a PM hahaha...sorry really want to sell it :D ) and there are no other western saddles at the stables that fits I'm stuck riding English.

Not that I don't like English, just that I feel kinda awkward in it. Thankfully though I am feeling alot better in an English saddle so I'm thinking that I might continue using English...but not 100% sure yet I don't want to continue due to all the leg muscles are gone.

I could hardly post for 5 minutes yesterday when we had an English lesson.

What are ways I can regain some or all of the leg muscles I had? (besides just working in the saddle)...stuff I can do at home

blossom856 04-28-2008 06:16 PM

I think squats would work pretty good. Maybe even standing up on your tip toes to work those calves.

~pOnEh~ 04-28-2008 09:08 PM

squats, lunges (i like them better than squats, lol) & running are all helpful for me.

good luck!!

PoptartShop 04-28-2008 09:12 PM

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Squating will definitely help. ;) & maybe some bareback work? Also, standing up in your stirrups for a long time. That usually helps gain muscle.

brittx6x6 05-01-2008 03:32 PM

Stand on your stails with your heels hanging off(hold on to the sides but not tight). Drop all your weight into your heels and then stand so you are on your tippy toes. Do this for 5 min around 3 times a day and you will notice a difference. Also an easy thing to do that doesn't take up your time, is when you go up stairs skip every other step. This causes your muscles to work harder with out you having to much thought into it.

tim 05-01-2008 04:53 PM

ride a bike.

PoptartShop 05-01-2008 09:17 PM

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Also, running helps! Go out for a jog maybe.

love-a-hero 05-02-2008 01:35 AM

two point.

Excercise, go for a run, bikeride

horsestar8100 05-04-2008 04:26 AM

Do tap dancing :lol: , I have legs of steel because of that (my ankles are strong, one time my friend grabbed one of them during lunch and tried to get me say 'Uncle', :lol: , I just looked at her and said, 'Is that as hard as you can pinch?' and she tried with no success, she even admitted that the muscling back there was hard :shock: :lol: ). If I hadn't done dancing, I would have died after my lessons got harder. For stetches try jazz or a few ballet moves. Trust me, after you have done tap for years, you still have 'legs of steel', for the most part anyways :roll: , also post, post, post! This will help rebuild lost muscling, it helped me, I still had muscle that I had when I was dancing, but not enough to post all day w/o feeling it, even 45 minutes, and after I would feel it the next day.

hunterequlover781 05-04-2008 10:36 AM

walk around on your heels around your house. It's kind of exciting.

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