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CecilliaB 04-13-2011 12:09 PM

This color stuff and a ??
Ok, so these color genetic threads are really interesting.

Here is my ? Sonata is the result of a creamello mare and a leopard appy (or so I was told). I saw her Dam, she was on site when I picked up my filly.

But how did those two produce a buckskin with only 1 spot that even hints she is half appy?

Also, if she is buckskin does that mean she carries the cream gene?


Poseidon 04-13-2011 12:15 PM

The LP gene doesn't always guarantee spots because it's screwy like that. :-P

If the sire's base colour was black and her dam was an Agouti carrier (which wouldn't show up because she's a cremello, but would be passed onto foals), then you could easily get a buckskin. Agouti doesn't show up on red-based horses, but they can carry it.

And yes, a buckskin is black + agouti + cream, so your mare has the cream gene. If she didn't, she'd be a bay. :D

bubba13 04-13-2011 12:15 PM

Yes, she carries the cream gene. She got it from her dam, who is homozygous for cream. Her base color is bay, and the cream gene modifies it to buckskin.

The inheritance of Appy patterns is more complicated. There is the Lp complex, which gives the Appy "traits," and then there are the various PATN genes, which influence how those traits appear. There no real predicting what sort of pattern you'll get when you breed Appaloosas.

CecilliaB 04-13-2011 12:20 PM

Thank you! This is fascinating :)

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