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Baylee 04-13-2011 03:02 PM

(Story)My Adventures with Baylee
I have a bay/pinto pony named Baylee, 26 years old and the spunkiest pony i have ever had the pleasure of being with. We have been together since i was in s2nd grade (I am just now finishing up my 8th grade year.) and over the years I've had my share of spills and thrills.

The most memorable one that i won't ever forget was the time me and her were riding in out pasture. I was practicing riding in my English saddle, nothing out of the ordinary going on. (But knowing Baylee you're always on your toes when riding her hee hee) I whoaed her in the corner of the pen just to make sure she was listening, but instead of stopping she decided she had enough of riding and broke into a canter heading for the barn. I was still an intermediate rider at the time but I knew if I could pull her head arouns she'd have to stop...right?...nope! When I leaned up to get a better hold of the reigns by the bit she pulled her head away and i fell out of the saddle. Luckly my one arm had a tight hold on her neck and I swung my self under he neck with my legs against her chest..still cantering (She's never been big on galloping due to arthritis)

After what seemed like for ever of holding on and Screaming "WHOA!!" Which had no effect what so ever, annnd my arms getting tired of holding on I had no choice but to let go. I was so thankful the manure pile helped break my fall,baylee managed domw how to not run me over but trippedin the process and we both did a small dive into the manure. She got up with out a problem and happily continued to canter back to the barn while i had to walk back wiht horse terds stuck in my boots and shirt. We were both ok,i had a few scratches and my helmet was ruined but Im glad it was the helmet and NOTmy horse :)

Baylee has taught me many things in the years we've been together,and I still learn things still today. I love her very much and she will always be my baby.

Love you Baylee!!

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