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ADollopofDaisy 04-13-2011 04:26 PM

Ever use shouldersback?
Hey everyone,
I was thinking of buying the Equifit shouldersback.
EquiFit ShouldersBack - Rider Therapeutics from SmartPak Equine

It claims to be able to keep your shoulders back while riding and i was wondering if any of you have had any experience using one of these. I have trouble moving my shoulders back and keeping them back while riding so it seemed like a good concept.

Also if anyone has seen one for less than $48 please let me know hahaha :lol:

SorrelHorse 04-14-2011 06:11 PM

My trainer has one she uses on younger/less experienced riders for teaching posture.....

I've never worn one personally, but they seem to pick up on it well enough.....

ADollopofDaisy 04-14-2011 06:53 PM

haha yeah it seems like a good idea, just not sure if it will help my problem.

tbstorm 04-14-2011 07:09 PM

i've neverhad one but i've heard good things bout it and i want one!!! so i'd love tp hear peoples opinions

franknbeans 04-14-2011 07:58 PM

Well, I have one-got it at the request of a trainer....then I switched to western, so have never used it.....perhaps we could strike a deal! lol. Oh-I did try it on....just never used it. lol One of those things I had to have......I am the queen of accessories!

countercanter 05-19-2011 08:16 AM

I have one...I used to ride in it a lot but then i started to brace against it instead of actually lifting my chest up and shoulders back. It also starts to hurt under your arms if you wear it too long. I rarely wear it anymore but I will ocasionally put it on once in a while.

EventingDeva 06-05-2011 06:08 PM

My trainer threatens to put the shouldersback on us, that thing hurts!

jrcci 06-05-2011 06:14 PM

my friend just oredered one. ill let you know how it works for her!

JustDressageIt 06-05-2011 07:19 PM

Interesting. I would worry that it would restrain too much and be a danger rather than a help.

countercanter 06-06-2011 04:09 PM


Originally Posted by JustDressageIt (Post 1057043)
Interesting. I would worry that it would restrain too much and be a danger rather than a help.

It actually has a lot of give to it, its pretty stretchy neoprene.

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