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PoplarCharm 02-24-2007 02:22 AM

Standardbreds!!! Pacers AND Trotters welcome
Thought i'd start a topic on our lovely STBs .
I'll start.

Poplar Charm is a 1998 16hh gelding. He is a Mahogany Bay with a couple of white hairs on his forehead.
'Dougie' is part of an adoption program i'm involved in.
I got him two years ago after a girl had decided he wasn't good enough for a dressage horse.
Since then Dougie and i have learnt sooooo much.
I was what John O'leary called a nervous rider. Due to a nasty accident i had when i was 9 i could get on and w/t/c but i was mentally terrified of hurting the horse.
In the two years i've had Dougie we've aced jumping (150cm- My height), love cross country and sporting and have given in to dressage. I admit it helps everything.

I love hearing about other STBs!!!!!

Secret_Ingredient 02-25-2007 10:25 PM

Okay I will answer to this:

I have a 7 year old (turning 8 in April) Quarter horse Standardbred named Pepper. I got her for x-mas two years ago. I do hunter..jumper..western game and looking forward to eventing(cross country) this summer. Just wondering...does you standardbred paddle/waddle?? Pepper does sometimes :cry: Its really annoying but i just have to live with it :lol:

Shannon and Pepper<3

sparky 02-26-2007 05:49 AM

Well, we have our standardbred Clary just on free lease.

He is a 15.1hh, 16 year old ex-pacer. He does waddle, in any pace faster than a walk, but he has a trot and canter to die for. He was a very good pacer, and competed successfully around the country. I'd have to try and get his papers off his owner to tell you his race name and brand. He is a dark bay, with a tiny white circle on his right hind leg, a few white hairs resembling the shape of a star on his forehead, and white raincald scarring up his back. As he is getting on, we just use him for a trail horse, i have tried him in jumping and he doesn't like it at all. Dressage...well...he needs to not waddle, but he's gorgeous to me anyway.

In my opinion, standardbreds are one breed of horse that have such a beautiful, kind, loving nature.

Secret_Ingredient 02-28-2007 07:00 PM

yeah i agree, Standardbreds have such a loving nature and just LOVE people. Well mine does:P and so does my friends Standardbred "Pro Wally" is his name but her new horse is "Storm Ruckus"(thoroughbred) But ya Standardbreds are pretty cute :wink: ...the only thing i hate is *somtimes* the dished face...which I thank GOD that Pepper didnt get it :D and when she paddles :? She doesnt do it when i ride her by myself but meh shes good otherwise :D

Shannon and Pepper<3

storm_ruckus 02-28-2007 08:03 PM


I have an 18 year old dark bay Standardbred named Pro Wally... yes im the friend Secret_Ingredient was talking about :)

Well.... I got wally when he was 14 years old ( been off the track for 1 year) and after about a year and a half he could TROT....CANTER.... and JUMP!:) man it took soooo long to teach him that ( i was training him and i was only 11 and 12 years old by the way) I got him from my second cousin who last spring put an article about wally and I in some standardbred magezine titled:

Amazing Retirement for Pro Wally.

Apperantly when he was a yearling, nobody wanted him, my cousin then bought him and started his racing career. Well needless to say wally was a 43 time winner! :)

Wally is now retired due to his COPD ( chronic obstructive pulminary disorder) he can still be ridden but only lightly.

I have almost lost him a couple times. Once being last year when i was away on a trip for school for 2 nights and 3 days. Apperantly his breathing was very bad. My whole family was out in the barn with him all night, afraid something would happen to him while i wasnt there. Well hes dong fine so far. He has him ups and downs but he gets through it.

I hate to say this but Wally has been put on the back burner because im into jumpers and showing and Wally just cant handle it. But hes getting more and more attention from me every day.. except tonight cause im freakin sick :evil: :( . lol but yes whoever said something about their loving nature i would have to agree. A couple weekends ago i was sleeping over at a friends house for her b-day. ( tara) and that night my grandma was feeding the horses and in the morning she was putting them outside. Well in the morning she went to put on Wallys halter and he shook his head and turned his head away a little bit and then my grandma looked at his halter and flipped it around a bit ... he then nodded his head and turned towards her. I thought that was the cutest thing ever! well if i can figure out this picture thing ill put some up :P

*Stella*Polaris* 08-26-2007 06:54 AM

The dearest horse I've ever owned was a standardbred trotter gelding (with some french trotter in the pedigree). I had him as a harness racing horse for six years and sold him for freetime riding when he retired from racing as 11 years of age.

The horse had the loveliest temperament ever, he was more like a dog than a horse! He was never afraid of anything and I bet he would have tried to climb up a tree if I'd have asked him to... 8)

I would have kept him forever if he was a bit bigger (only 150cms and slim), but he was much too tiny for me to ride, so he got a good home at a family who my friend knew, and now spends his days in forest riding and some basic dressage and small jumping. That was the best retirement-days I could offer him and he seems very happy every time I visit him :D

I've taken care of over 10 standardbred trotters in my life and all of them were really nice horses, clever and easy to handle. Of course there were also some spooky ones like in every breed, but generally they were very easy horses to get along with.

I think standardbreds makes lovely friends and riding horses for someone who doesn't have too high expectations of them, because standardbreds are born to be driven and that's what they are best for :)

I'll try to add a pic of my ex-horse here... And pardon me if my english isn't very good, I've only studied it at school for some years :wink:

bee 08-26-2007 08:39 PM

i have a standardbred gelding.his name is cap, captain speedy was his race name he is an ex-pacer and finished racing in october '05'. i bought cap last november from a 12 year old girl, who didnt do alot with him, before her another 12 yr old girl owned him, she bought him off the track.
Cap couldnt canter when i got him, he could trot but used to pace most of the time.
he can canter now out on a ride no worries but we are still learning to canter collected in the arena, we are getting there. he has also learnt to trot when transition change down from a canter, sometimes he forgets and paces not very often though.
i ve also popped him over a couple of very small jumps, he seems to like jumping, and is quite tidy when we do jump.
cap is a 15.1hh 7yr old mahogany bay gelding with a white strip down his face and two little whit socks on his back legs and on his front near sde he has a white band around his correnet[sp] band

KANSAS_TWISTER 08-27-2007 12:04 AM

my aunt had a s.t.b when i was growing up, i remember begging to have him after he was retired (i was 9), his name was copper monarch and the most sweatest thing ever...(to a 9 year old any thing was) but the fact that i was in quebec and he was in b.c my parents said ....NO.....copper in the end was given to a girl who retrained him as a jumper....and yes i got over it...........

Roki98 12-04-2007 01:42 PM

My horse is 1/4 stb and 3/4 russina trotter. He´s shown me that troters are some really intelligent and charming horses.
He has never been on racetrack, hes sire was used as gallop racing horse and so was hes dam. but my horses grandsire Speed Arnie, who was born in Finland raced in harness too..

jazzyrider 12-06-2007 06:27 AM

go standardbreds!!! ;)

i have a 16.3h bay gelding. his racing name was billy underlee but he is just old cougar now :) he did 10 years of cross country after he retired from racing in '93 and then he went on to be a school horse. then i got him :) he is a beautiful old fella with a heart of gold. so gentle and loving :)

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