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~pOnEh~ 04-28-2008 08:44 PM

Pessoa pony saddle?
So... i'm thinking about getting a rodrigo pessoa pony saddle. A lot of the girls at my barn have one and i've ridden in them and they're really nice :D but i've heard bad things about Pessoas. What's wrong with them?

upnover 04-28-2008 10:26 PM

I think they're absolutely wonderful! I think I recommend Pessoas over most other brands. They generally fit lots of horses and people, they put your leg in a good place, they are great quality, etc. We have a couple for our school horses that i know are almost 20 years old and they are in good shape.The older french made (Nelson Pessoas) are much nicer then the new ones but even the new ones are great. Although, someone told me that the ones made in the past year or two have had major problems. I think they said that Dover told them they had more sent back to them for repairs then any other saddle! But we had a bunch of girls at our barn buy them without a problem.

What size are you looking for? There's a girl who just bought one a year ago who decided to get a nicer saddle (a delgrange) and sell hers. It's in great shape. Let me know if you're interested and I'll ask waht her plans are.

Sassafras 05-01-2008 01:18 AM

A friend of mine is selling her Pessoa Pony Saddle if you are interested PM me :0)

Equina 05-01-2008 03:12 AM

Agreed with upnover...the older French/English made Nelson Pessoas are much, much higher quality. Although, the Argentine ones are pretty nice as well.

There's two different (Argentine) Pessoa Pony saddles out there...and I've owned both. One is simply the Pessoa Pony (or Rodrigo) and then there's an A/O Junior (Pony). The Pessoa Pony resembles the Gen X while the A/O Junior is just like the regular A/O.

The A/O Junior is SO MUCH NICER! The leather on the Pessoa Pony is grained and gets worn by your stirrup leathers very quickly and just doesn't feel very nice. The A/O Junior has that beautiful fine grained leather that has a nice sheen and gets so comfortable and grippy after you break it in. I kept my 15 3/4" A/O Junior for a long time just because it was so gorgeous and comfortable. Unfortunately, the flap was waaay to short for me, so I had to eventually force myself to sell it. Side note: if you end up not liking it, they hold their value pretty well, and you could easily resell it.

Long story short...the Pessoa A/O Junior is a good saddle in my opinion. Maybe try to find one slightly used that someone has had sitting around for a couple years to avoid the recent issues that upnover talked about.

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