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Britt 04-13-2011 09:34 PM

Ostracized from the herd
*le sigh*

Poor Jaxxon just can't get a break...

He was doing ok when the horses were in the other pasture, he was a 'member of the herd' and had a buddy most of the time... (He still stayed by himself a bit, but he did have a horse who hung around him every now and then and they didn't get after him every time he looked at them...)

Well, I brought him down to the house a few weeks ago to put him in the backyard paddock to graze the grass down because I noticed that he wasn't eating much hay. He seemed to enjoy it... I mean, he obviously ran up and down the Lot like an idiot whenever another horse was ridden by, or when he heard another horse he'd go nuts nickering, but he settled down very well and seemed to enjoy his solitude after a while... He didn't have to 'fight' for his food anymore and wasn't being bullied...

Well, about a week ago, we put all the horses back in our 'big pasture' (the 'big pasture' is our fifty acre pasture... the pasture that they've been in is a twenty-five acre pasture). I turned Jaxxon out with them because he'd eaten down all the grass in the Lot and it needs to grow back.

I've been catching him and my other two horses daily to feed them their grain, and... well... it seems like the entire herd has ostracized him. ypsie, Dakota, Buttercup, Patch, and Nugget (and even the donkey, and him and Jax have made friends) all stay on one side of the pasture... and Jaxxon stays in a corner of the pasture near one of the ponds... not even in sight of the other horses.

When I get them out to feed, I normally go out with a feed bucket and rattle it and all the horses come running... If Jax even sees them coming 'his way', he turns tail and takes off back to his 'corner' of the pasture (he stays in a pretty big space, but he doesn't travel around the pasture like the other horses, he stays between that corner and the house).

The othre day, I got Gypsie and Dakota by rattling the feed bucket, and Gypsie noticed Jaxxon following a little ways behind us... She turned tail, pinned her ears, and chased him clear across the pasture back to his corner, then came running back to me like nothing had happened. Jaxxon would absolutely not come to me (something he always does) even though Gypsie and Dakota weren't anywhere around. I had to go get him, and he was nervous about even coming in the yard with them in it.

I've also started letting all three of my horses out in the yard for about three hours a day to graze the grass down. I keep a thirty-foot lunge-rope on Jaxxon and keep a hold on him because he'll go down the road to visit his 'buddy' (my cousin's twenty-four/twenty-five year old Arabian gelding). However, if Gypsie or Dakota so much as 'look' at him or take a step towards where he's grazing, he turns tail and takes off like they're going to attack and eat him... He just absolutely won't get within thirty feet of either of them...

It's so frustrating...

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