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spookychick13 04-15-2011 11:56 AM

Opinions on Skito Pads
I am looking for people's opinions on Skito pads.

I've been struggling for a while now trying to find the perfect saddle for my hard to fit horse.
The fitter brought this saddle out (I am linking this ebay list because it shows a few views, it's not that particular saddle, but that model) and it fit my horse well.
I am concerned that as his back changes it might not fit so well.

The fitter suggested I get a Skito brand pad to use with him, as I can add and subtract where the exact pressure point padding goes, etc.

Any opinions on this entire plan would be helpful!

(I have to be very careful with this horse's back, as he's had saddle fit issues in the past. He also has a really short, wide back. He came to me obese and we're working him frequently/slimming him down and building up his back muscles).

Thanks :)

bubba13 04-15-2011 02:50 PM

Not sure exactly what you want to know, but I have a Skito insert (not the whole pad). It's nice quality and helped my horse who is atrophied behind the wither, filling in all that dead space. I had it stitched to his regular pad.

tinyliny 04-15-2011 02:54 PM

I have heard many good things about them and since they last forever, it's a worthwhile investment. Also , good resale value.

kitten_Val 04-15-2011 03:36 PM

I've heard good things about Skito although never tried. luvs here on Forum has quite a lot of experience with different pads so hopefully she'll put her $.02 in. I personally use Thinline - they have one coming with inserts too.

spookychick13 04-15-2011 03:38 PM

Thanks for the feedback thusfar.

I am worried that the saddle I buy now won't fit him in a few months when his back muscles up.
His previous owner hadn't ridden him for almost 5 years. /facepalm

luvs2ride1979 04-15-2011 11:34 PM

I own four Skito pads and three boarders also have Skito pads. We love them! ;-). Definitely worth the money and Tom at Skito will help custom build a pad for you. As your horse changes shape, you can consult Tom again and he can send you additional shims if needed. "Skito Custom Saddle Pads" I like that the pads are made in the USA with all USA made materials, and all hand/custom made. You just can't buy that kind of quality anymore!

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