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SonnyWimps 04-29-2008 03:23 PM

Annoying sister
Anyone have a sister or brother that seems to hate everything you do and is just out to get you?

Me and my sister have NEVER been close...we liked totally opposite things and she always made fun of me because of that. Recently she got a boyfriend and this has started the real trouble of it all.

I try to stay away from her so I don't make her angry, but it seems like EVERYTHING I do makes her angry. Since she has gotten a boyfriend, she seems to think that I am jealous of her because she has a boyfriend and that I don't. Every single thing I do, whether it be playing an on-line game (Ponybox...yeah haha I like it) or forgetting to clean one of my dishes, she takes it that I'm being "immature" and that I am doing it because I am jealous of her having a boyfriend.

I've told her I don't know how many times that I'm happy being single, my horse is all I really need..and anyways I told her I didn't have time for a boyfriend...between work, school, and Sonny, I just have enough time to be on here and chat on-line for a while.

Today she got all upset at me because some of the first off my shoes was right where she needed to walk. Yes, I admit it was there, but she could have either jumped over it, or gone around it. My parents tell me to leave my riding shoes in the basement and if they are extremely icky to shake some of the dirt off there. So I'm listening to their request, and my sister just doesn't see it.

She gets upset at me for listening to my music...telling my parents how Sonny was doing, and me spending all my money and free time with Sonny.

I could honestly say that she wouldn't care if Sonny died....she complains that I NEVER go to see her Tae Kwon Do competition and never do anything Tae Kwon Do related with her (whether traveling to Buffalo to cheer her on, etc)...but I keep telling her that she never does things with me either...she's only met Sonny once, she never goes horseback riding with me or anything horse related.

She is just getting really annoying...and to make matters worse, my dad is on her side about practically everything. He's into Tae Kwon Do (not doing it...just watching) and he seems to take her side on everything because she's a black belt and I quit Tae Kwon Do way before.

Sorry guess I just had to rant

PoptartShop 04-29-2008 03:43 PM

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Wow, what does not cleaning 1 dish or playing an online game have to do with her boyfriend? LOL, is she out of her mind. :lol: :P
Ah, she's the one being immature it looks like, for saying those things. Just ignore her when she acts like that. ;)
My brother used to tease me all the time or be mean to me, now he's like 19 almost 20 & never says a mean word! LOL, hopefully your sister will grow out of it.

LadyDreamer 04-29-2008 08:41 PM

Are you the younger or older of the two?

I am the youngest of three sisters, and my oldest sister and I were always very close. My middle sister and I. . . w . o . w . We have been at each others throats for years. I actually wouldn't even think of going to the barn for many many years if she was there. She would run me out crying almost every time I would go down there. I used to have to go see my horses at night.

I am now twenty, and we are finally finding close interests and going out and doing things together. We still get into tiffs, but it is not like the old days.

It takes a LOT of time and patience, let me tell you.

mell 04-29-2008 09:08 PM

i have a younger sister and she is a nightmare! lol i wont go into it now cause i have to go to class.

SonnyWimps 04-29-2008 09:52 PM

I'm two years

Dumas'_Grrrl 05-01-2008 12:01 PM

I'm the older sister by 2 years. I never had a problem with my sis untill we got to be teenagers. I usually just beat the snot out of her if she was giving me problems. :lol: When we got older she would rat me out to our parents. Now we live 400miles apart and get along really well. lol...I'm not sure if its cause we matured or if its the distance... but it works! Good luck!

SonnyWimps 05-01-2008 05:52 PM


Originally Posted by Dumas'_Grrrl
I'm the older sister by 2 years. I never had a problem with my sis untill we got to be teenagers. I usually just beat the snot out of her if she was giving me problems. :lol: When we got older she would rat me out to our parents. Now we live 400miles apart and get along really well. lol...I'm not sure if its cause we matured or if its the distance... but it works! Good luck!

for us it would be the distance haha.
I mean this has really been going on for a long time...way far before I was a teenager...but just this year it's gotten worse. It all started when she got a boyfriend...maybe part of it is because our parents don't approve of her having a boyfriend, and I don't approve of her boyfriend (I don't mind her having one...just don't like the guy she chose)...that might be part of it, but it's not like I tell her every day that I don't like him

HaflingerHorse 05-05-2008 08:53 AM

My sister and I [I am younger by 2yrs] are close but not overly close. I think that we used to be closer when she was more into horses. Now she still does stuff with her horse but she doesn't do nearly as much as he needs done with him. She now is into other things [Internet friends, movies etc] I don't mind that but that makes me the only horse person in the family and it makes it even harder when I am out with the horses and her horse it just standing there looking like he really wants to do something and he probably is the one that needs it more then my two Oh well.

I am finding that we are getting into more "heated discussions" then before but we still are pretty close [sometimes I think that she is closer to her Internet friends then me and she probably tells them more then she tells me.]

I don't know anything about having boyfriends cause I am not old enough to have one and my family and I believe in courtship anyways.

Somethings it is really hard to get along with my sister cause I say something about her not doing stuff with her horse enough [like to night she was frustrated that everything keeps landing on "her" saddle and getting it dirty and I said "well you never use it so why do you care if it gets dirty anyways" I know I shouldn't have said that but she spend to much $$ on it and hardly ever uses it plus I feel like saying "you have a horse... it is a saddle... and you expect it to be spotless?!?! I don't think so. Besides it is only a little bit of horse hair what wrong with that" ] I know that I should hold my tongue and not say as much about it and I guess when she isn't the one that buys her own horse [my parents bought him for a companion for my first horse so he wouldn't be lonely] and I am the one that bought both of my horses plus most everything else I need [my parents are great and help when the can] is makes it a little harder. I guess it just shows where the priorities are for each of us.

Now after all that you are probably thinking at least two things....

[1] and she things that they are "pretty close"?!?! well it is better then it sounds.... most of the time. We really are close but sometimes we have our "bad" days. I do love her though. :D

[2] you didn't want a whole book in reply to your post and believe me this is NOT me I don't like writing long things

Sorry that the above was so long I didn't mean it to be


Kadiel 05-19-2008 04:20 AM

Ok so you said you are older by 2 years, I'm just wondering how old are you? Early teens, mid ect.

Your sister seems to be the immature one from the stories you have shared. In your case I would try and become interested in her life. Show her that you actually care do about her. You already do care Iím guessing, but perhaps you donít show her in ways she understands. For example by saying you donít like her bf, your looking out for her. But she may think youíre just jealous because you donít have a bf and you want to ruin it all.

She may think you donít care because you donít go and cheer her on with her hobbies. Once she starts to see that you do really care she may start to change her attitude towards you. It will be really hard to do this and will take a lot of time and effort.

When she does cause arguments try and be the strong one by resolving them or by not arguing back. Fighting with people doesnít get you anywhere.

Now saying your Dad supports her more than you. He may just like the idea of Tae Kwon Do more than horses. This isnít your fault. He may think Tae Kwon Do offers more life skills than horse riding or something :shock:

Maybe your sister is trying to act all grown up and is feeling a bit insecure about herself which is why she gets angry with you and tells you off about dishes ect.

As for you not approving of her boyfriend. She knows you donít like him; thatís all you need to say on the matter. Itís important you support her in what she wants too. Itís her life. You need to let her live it how she wants. She needs to make her own mistakes in order to learn. And hey this guy might turn out to be a nice guy. If not she'll learn from it... well hopefully she'll learn from it :lol:

I have a much older brother who has gone through a lot of drug abuse problems, at times its been very hard to deal with. I also have a brother 3 yrs younger than me and a sister who is 11. Iím 20 atm =D My family has also had problems with the police. It was nothing serious. I wonít go into that but it took me a long time to forgive them.

That yr I went through my rebellion. Haha It was my last yr of high school. I thought my mum didnít understand me or care about me. I started smoking and binge drinking. I hated the life I had and who I was as a person. I played victim and blamed my family and everyone around me for my problems.. yada yada you know how the story goes =p

But anyway I got through all that. I learnt that I am responsible for every situation Iím in. I can not blame anyone else but myself. If I donít like something I need to change it, not the people around me.

When I was younger I didnít really have a close relationship with any of my siblings. I would fight a lot with my younger brother. Especially when we became teenagers. As weíve all grown older weíre grown closer.

I think every family goes through their fare share of family fighting/arguing. You just need to learn to accept each other and live with who they are as a person. They may not be everything you like or want them to be. Thatís ok because they need to have their own life journey too. And in most cases your family cares about you way more than you think. They just donít know how to show it.

Haha Well thatís my essay. Hope it makes sense and helps in some way.

my2geldings 05-19-2008 09:55 AM

Ah it's normal sibling thing. More people than not have gone and are going thru the same thing. I grew up with 4 brothers and no sisters so I know first hand. I hated all of them.

You will get a different view as you grow upm she will become your best friend. :D

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