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MudPaint 04-16-2011 10:40 AM

Tips/ideas for dealing with a small indoor.
Our indoor is small... about the size of 40 x 20 meter dressage arena. I suspect it's not quite 20 and doesn't feel like 40 because things are stored in the corners.

Anyone out there space challenged have ideas on how I can work with this? I love the farm I'm at, horses are well cared for (first and foremost) and we have a blast. Moving really isn't my priority, learning to deal is.

We have severe straightness/balance issues in the indoor, I'm always feeling like there isn't enough room to balance and work, but I suspect it's because I prefer riding outside. But it looks like we're in for lots of wet still, so no outdoors.

Thoughts... ideas... anything greatly appreciated. I have all these great books with exercises and can't do most of them because we lack the room.

Dear rain, please stop. I want to ride outside.

mmpgrumpy 04-16-2011 04:06 PM

The barn I'm at has an indoor that's about the same size, if not a little bigger.
I think once you ride in it some more, both you and your horse will get used to it. It took me and my horse a few weeks to get used to the small arena. You can still do serpentines and most other exercises in a small arena.

What kind of exercises do you want to do that require more space?

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