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corinowalk 04-17-2011 11:04 PM

The Frog Chronicles
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So, since I brag about him constantly...I figured I would take a few moments and show off his progress. We still have a ways to go but we are slowly inching our way to the goal.

I got Froggy almost exactly 2 months ago. He is a 10 year old TB that was heavily (yet unsuccessfully) raced for the last 4 years of his career. Between the auction and the Amish, he ended up at a dealers where I picked him up for a song and a dance.

He was underweight and had some boo boos from being the low man. He never was lame (and hasn't been in his time with me) and hasn't gotten sick. Our worst time so far was getting lost on a trail ride and ending up 6+ miles from home. It set back his weight gain and I feel badly about it is what it is!

The first pics are of when he got here and the last pics were taken a few days ago. I think he has come a long way. He certainly acts 'healthier'...*eye roll*

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More pics to follow!

corinowalk 04-17-2011 11:14 PM

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Showing Improvement!
Attachment 61506

Where did your ribs go? Oh they are *under* the fat now!
Attachment 61507

Not in front of the camera Mom!
Attachment 61508

A picture just for my buddy SpeedRacer! LMAO!
Attachment 61509

Filthy horse
Attachment 61510

He may never look like a QH...but I may be able to pass him off as appendix some day!
Attachment 61511

ZOMG! He has a neck!
Attachment 61512

Oh Hai!
Attachment 61513

Love this picture! He was almost asleep...with the breeze in his mane. What a happy boy!
Attachment 61514

PintoTess 04-17-2011 11:18 PM

Awww he looks cute <3

corinowalk 04-17-2011 11:28 PM

Thanks! Hes a goof but hes my boy!

flytobecat 04-17-2011 11:33 PM

Lookin' good.

RedTree 04-17-2011 11:46 PM

he looks great :D
congrats on him

PintoTess 04-18-2011 12:09 AM

What is his career going to be? Dressage? Showing? Jumping? Lawn mower?

corinowalk 04-18-2011 12:21 AM

Of all things, I will be asking a OTTB to be a Trail horse...*laugh* We should be doing our first Judged Trail ride on May 13th. He is quite the happy hacker.

PintoTess 04-18-2011 12:22 AM

Thats good :D I quiet like the look of him! Good luck with him ;D

corinowalk 04-18-2011 12:26 AM

Thanks again! He is my little buddy!

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