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highlander 04-18-2011 06:28 PM

odd bruising-kinda-thigh
I need ideas, I have poor circulation. Last winter I developed what looks like bruising. Its very cold to the touch but doesn't hurt at all, I have only heard of it one more time and that was another horse rider. The doctor says she seen milder cases in other riders. Its been getting worse but doctors just say not to worry about it even tho they have no idea what it actually is.
My big problem may sound stupid but I have self-esteem issues and with summer coming and it starting to get too hot for trousers to the horses I'm in shorts but I hate the look of it. Especially as I'm only 21 yrs old its not helping at all.
Anyone got any ideas? Make-up doesn't tend to do the job as at times its a really strong purple colour.
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Scoope 04-18-2011 07:16 PM

Hi there ,
this sounds exactly like the symptoms of what I have. I have Raynauds Disease. I'll list some of the symptoms and you can see if it matches any of yours.

1)cold temperatures reduces blood supply to the extremities (and sometimes areas of skin) turning the skin pale/white and the area affected becomes cold and numb. (in my case this is hands and feet primarily , and my lower back somewhat bizarrely)
2) the affected area turns blue/purple when the oxygen in the blood lowers - it'll then start to look like a bruise that wont go away.
3) the change in skin tone/apparent bruising/coldness isnt permanent - when the affected areas warm up the blood flow will start again properly and the skin will go pinky/red before going back to normal. Sometimes my hands and feet/lower back will swell up and I'llg et awful pins and needles until its warmed up again.

theres two different types of Raynauds - I have primary raynauds disease, this is where the symptoms are not related to any other disease , If your've been checked over by the Docter and he cant find a reason for your symptoms then It sounds to me like you could possibly have Raynauds disease too.

Secondary Raynauds - or Raynauds syndrome (different from raynauds disease) is where the symptoms are brought on by other illnesses , anorexia is a common one , and hypothyroidism as well as carpol tunnel.

Being in Scotland (it is when we travel back to the UK in winter that I flare up!!) you cant really escape the cold , but you can put on more layers to keep the areas warm , I always wear merino gloves and socks as well as big ski gloves and thick sheep wool boots to keep me warm , this lowers the symtoms.

I dont drink coffee as the caffine makes it worse - I avoid high caffine foods and drinks too , like soft drink and chocolate/sweets.

theres not really alot you can do to treat it , as it isnt somthing that can be cured , but you can treat the symtoms by avoiding the coffee/cold.

I also take arnica tablets and have arnica cream which seems to help although I dont really know why. flaxseed oil helps as well as cod liver oil which I take in pill form as it tastes foul. I use a stress ball when my hands are bad as the squeezing motion helps bring the blood flow back. or rubbing the skin in circles quite vigoursly helps too.

Hope this info was helpful somewhat , if this sounds like what you might have PM me and I can tell you more about it.

highlander 04-19-2011 02:45 AM

Sounds exactly right, thank you! I think the doctor was on about something to do with this!
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MyBoyPuck 04-19-2011 09:15 PM

I used to bruise easily. I added an iron supplement and increased the red meat a bit. Both helped a lot.

Poseidon 04-20-2011 03:07 AM

I have Raynaud's also. The primary kind, as I inherited genetically from my mom, along with being a female in a cold climate, so a prime candidate.

Mine affects my hands, feet, nose and ears. My hands get very painfully cold to the point where I've started crying. My feet lose blood flow to the front half and become very painful and swollen when the blood returns when I'm warm again. I couldn't ride all winter because I couldn't bend my hands in and out. I am also developing arthritis in my hands and feet because of it (I'm 18, by the way, so I'm oh-so-excited about dealing with this forever).

My hands and feet are constantly freezing too. Even if the rest of my body is warm, I have to have a blanket on at least my feet because they're so ridiculously cold.

My doctor put me on a blood pressure medication that dilates blood vessels in my extremities. Oh my, does it help. After I started taking it, the most blood flow I would lose to my feet would be like the very tips of my toes, if that. It's called amlodipine (the brand name is Norvasc, I guess).

highlander 04-20-2011 03:25 AM

Doctor finally got back to me yesterday. It is primary raynauds. My dad's got it too, thanks scoope you have beenm brilliant at help.
It makes sense now, amd the doctors should have really noticed this last year when I went in but hey.....
Does it tend to be in younger people then? We're all late teens or early twentys.
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Poseidon 04-20-2011 03:27 AM

It's most common in females who live in climates that are very cold for an extended period of time. Guys can have it (ie, your dad), but it's not as common.

My doctor told me most people who have Raynaud's have it develop in their teens, so yes. Mine developed when I was little and I was diagnosed when I was about 10, which is apparently ridiculously young, as I was told.

There's also no cure, but the most common treatment for it is blood pressure medications, like I mentioned above.

Scoope 04-20-2011 03:30 AM

I've had it since I was wee (4/5) , but it did start to get worse when I hit puberty - so dont know if that is why or not - coincidentally it was also when I got heavily into my music and horse riding , and putting alot of stress on my fingers which is where I first started to notice it.

I do know it affects more women than men , but with that being said , I inherited it from my grandfather down my maternal line.

Living in a warmer climate , it certianly hits me when I go back to the UK (almost exclusively in the middle of winter due to flight prices!)

highlander 04-20-2011 03:31 AM

A question I'm not keen on asking: does it develop and get worse? So far its not as bad as pain you guys have mentioned.
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highlander 04-20-2011 03:33 AM

Oopps phone thinks its funny!

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