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EmilyandHidalgo 04-18-2011 07:57 PM

Settling A Horse Into A New Home?
I just bought my first horse, and he will be going to a boarding stable not far from my home. He arrives this Friday and I want to make sure the transitions goes well. He is used to long trailer rides and stuff so i am not too worried about that, but he has only been introduced into a few new homes during his lifetime. Since I have no experience with this either, I would like to have the input of some more experienced horse owners. How do I set up a good bond with my horse..? How do I relieve the stress of travel and being in a new place..? Anything I can do at all to help him setlle in nicely to his new home would be appreciated. Thanks :)

monsterofastorm 04-23-2011 11:02 AM

We have had many horses come in and out of our farm because we ran a rescue for a while. In thelast 3 months we have moved twice. When we have moved in the horses we usually allow them to greet nose to nose with the other horses in opposing pastures. We usually stand back and watch them do their thing. After a day or so they get to meet each other all in the same pasture. None of the horses have gone completley crazy. If they do we usually just stand back like I said, sometimes it is best to let the horse deal with it rather than having someone in with them. I hope this helps!

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