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SunShineMeadows 04-22-2011 07:37 PM

Barrel Saddles?
Curious what barrel saddles everyone uses?

I have a hard to fit horse, previous owner tells me he likes the Meleta Brown Freedom series barrel saddle made by Crates. Anyone have any experience with these saddles? Good? Bad? How do they fit seat wise - big, small, pretty standard?

Tennessee 04-22-2011 07:42 PM

I have a Tex Tan, but I normally just end up using my new Abetta all around saddle.

I've never had any experience with Crates. That being said, I've not heard a negative word about them.

bubba13 04-22-2011 07:55 PM

I've switched entirely over to HR bang for your buck, I think. That or Teskeys.

I'd go to a saddle shop and try a whole bunch of different trees on your horse, and work from there.

McuesHiSierra 04-22-2011 08:47 PM

I compete with a Circle Y Barrel Saddle. I love it! I recommend exploring that as an option.

BuckOff41570 04-22-2011 08:55 PM

I just bought a new Caldwell for my hard to fit horse. Most saddles come in a 6 1/2 inch gullet - 7 inch... way too small for my guy.

I also have 2 Premiers. (A local custom saddle maker)

If I were you, I'd find a seat that you like and that you feel comfortable riding in, then go to that saddle co and find a tree that fits your horse. There is A LOT out there right now. It can get over whelming.

If I hadnt gotten my Caldwell, I'd be getting a Crown C. They, also, have a larger gullet size and a fantastic seat.

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