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cfralic 04-23-2011 12:30 AM

Buying Tack/Accessories Before Horse? Also: Saddle Fit Question.
Is there any tack that I can stock up on before I buy my horse? I know the breed (arab) and I would love to stock up on some things before I get her/him so that I can afford really pretty things. I plan to get the horse in about a years time and I will not be changing my mind. (Following childhood dreams, haha.)

Also: I have an English saddle (Stubben Siegfried) that I used on my Quarab yeeears ago. She was more qh built so I am thinking the saddle would be a funny fit on an arab. Is there any way I can change the size of the saddle in the future? Saddles are so expensive and I would love to just use this saddle and invest the rest of my cash in a really nice bosal haha. EDIT: I also don't know how to tell what size the saddle is...

tinyliny 04-23-2011 02:18 AM

If you ride with a bosal, wont' you be riding Western? I might think you could sneak out and buy a bridle? A saddle, it is SO risky to buy without a horse to match to. (been there, done that). Get a saddle pad and a bridle and some polo wraps for color or boots or something.

Poseidon 04-23-2011 02:35 AM

I got my halter before I got a horse. I got her pretty quickly after the halter, but if I hadn't, I probably would have gotten my own saddle pad and/or blanket, headstall and reins, grooming supplies, etc. Things that can be used on many different horses.

kitten_Val 04-23-2011 09:22 AM

I'd say only basic pad, leathers, stirrups and reins would be safe to get (and even though you may end up needing a special pad with inserts etc.). May be bridle (if you are sure about breed/size). However saddle, bit, girth, boots will all depend on horse.

Saddlebag 04-23-2011 09:48 AM

Unless you are very familiar with using a bosal, it's not a good idea. A good bosal with a rawhide core will run you $250 and up. It's not fair to the horse to use a cheap one as they skin the horse up and are lopsided due to a wire core.

cfralic 04-23-2011 12:00 PM

Tinyliny: The reason I spoke about the English saddle is because I already own it, so I will probably be riding English until I can afford a Western saddle. I just was hoping I could collect some Western stuff because I enjoy Western more. I probably shouldn't have mentioned the bosal.

Poseidon/Kitten_Val: Saddle pad, leathers, stirrups, reins, headstall, that's a pretty good shopping list! Thanks guys!

Saddlebag: I'm not planning to buy a cheap bosal at all... but I don't have experience with one. Could you suggest any good brands? Why is it a bad idea to buy one if I have no experience with them? I don't really know how else I could learn to use one.

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