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morabhobbyhorse 04-23-2011 08:30 AM

Hand made Leather Conchos and Western Tack, Miscelaneous
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I started this thread over so I could delete the items that are gone and add new things. All my leather conchos are made by hand by me. I tool them, paint them, add the rhinestones, etc. I use 'new old stock' for them I buy from dealers, old Swarovski items, West Germany, old Japan. I design them, I guess the way I like them, but I can make some to your specifications if I can get the materials. The price is for the pair. if you want to stand out in the show ring this summer and have something no one else has, these are for you.
I work at home, I'm on SSDI for a disability and these keep me busy plus allow me the extra money necessary to keep my horse and still eat :-) Not as good as she eats but eat!!
My bridles are all gone guys, I'm sorry. I can ship these for $3.00 on the USA because some go over the three oz limit because the backs or materials make them heavy. I have over 61-100% feedback on eBay from the last 2 months but I want to get away from there and just focus on horse items. Thanks for looking.
Baby Blue and Pink Conchos Old Molded Glass decorations 12.99
Blue Conchos, Wooden cabochon and Swarovski light blue rhinestones 15.99
Royal Blue with vintage enamel and seed pearl earring cabochons 15.99
Blue StateLine Tack Slinky size large 9.99
Bronze and Brown slotted cabochons 9.99
Brown and Silver slotted conchos 9.99
New caramel chinstrap, came on a bridle and didn't match it 4.95
Goldtone Jumping horse, Swarovski crystals and green rhinestone eye 6.99
Silvered and Emerald Green hand tooled wildflower conchos with molded pink glass flower 15.99
Cloisonné Porcelain Carousel horse 6.99
Red, silver and blue conchos, I used antique carved horses as the cabochons and tried to paint them in a primitive style. They have blue flowers and moonstone grass, and a gold tack star. 25.99
Silver conchos with red and crystal rhinestones, vintage earring cabochons 15.99
Red Rhinestone Horse Brooch 6.99
Silver tooled conchos with sterling silver horse cabochons 15.99
Peach show jacket, embroidered and rhinestones 34.99

morabhobbyhorse 04-23-2011 08:34 AM

I had to do two posts to get the pictures in
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Plus I know you want to see my 'leather workbench' my dog's lying on right now. anything you want made, ask me and I'll do my best to give you a fair price and get it done.

morabhobbyhorse 04-24-2011 08:11 AM

6 Vintage Royal Absorbent Catch All Coasters, Horses
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I got these in the original box, and stuck them in a drawer. Now these have never been used, so I put new, but I just learned that ‘new old stock’ is things found in closed factories, stores and the like. If they’ve retailed they are ‘old old stock’ I guess or something, LOL. I never opened the box until today and did I get a surprise, plus a little help dating them. One of the 4 dividers had Sun Sign coasters in it although the material is identical. So I guess we’re talking the 60s! Anyway the material is a felt on top with something similar to wax paper on the bottom. These are NICE collectibles.
these can ship with something else small in an envelope.

morabhobbyhorse 04-24-2011 08:48 AM

I'm sorry, I forgot the price for the coasters
I really shouldn't do this stuff early in the morning. They are 99 cents + Shipping.

morabhobbyhorse 04-26-2011 07:50 AM

Does anyone else tool leather on here?
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I'm taking ans older, well made bridle and going to bling it up for shows. I made a few mistakes so far.....I took it apart and cleaned it and then used Vaseline on it to oil it and protect it. I use my hands for this part so I can get under loops and all the hidey places. I let it dry over night and now it's so soft and supple. Unfortunately to tool leather, you need to wet it. And I spent hours making sure with the Vaseline it would be protected from the elements :shock: I tried to tool a little on the reins yesterday, but you could barely see the marks I wanted to paint. Now I need to figure out how to 'unprotect' it so I can tool it, then add the protection all over again. I guess maybe plain ole soap and water but man I hate to do that now it's looking so good :D I haven't been doing this all that long and sure would like to be able to talk to someone else about it. This is it before......after, nobody knows.

morabhobbyhorse 04-28-2011 03:07 PM

Decorated Shufly, Silver Elephants and Beads 8.99
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This is a new shufly I decorated with silver beads and elephants to ‘charm’ you on your way. The hang from the top in a way that makes them slightly jingle. The noise is soothing and the shufly will keep all the nasties away from your horse’s belly
I combine shipping and I ship the cheapest way possible through the PO.

horselvr 04-28-2011 03:19 PM

I came across something I wanted to get done and maybe you could help me out with it. "ID Badges" We do a lot of trail riding and I wanted to get some ID badges for my horses that way if I get knocked off, bucked off, fall off and loose my horse someone can get it back to me. I would want like the horses name, my name, and a phone number on it so that the horse could be identified. Let me know if you can do something like this... Probably would attach to saddle or headstall just havent figured out which yet....

morabhobbyhorse 04-28-2011 03:28 PM

I could do it, AND make it pretty
I'd do a regular 2" concho so there'd be room for everything, then add a leather strap so you could tie it to the saddle or on the bridle if you preferred, like on the chin strap. If I put a leather tie on it I guess you could put it on the headstall, saddle or breast plate. I think it's a very good idea although not one I had thought about. Let me know what you need and how you want it to look. Thanks, Cheryl

horselvr 04-28-2011 03:30 PM

I ride western so what ever you come up with. I will PM you the names and horses. Right now just need 2. You do what ever you want with them. Just know they are boy horses and one is going to be for my Dad's horse so I dont want it to be all blingy or he will never let me put it on there lol..

morabhobbyhorse 04-28-2011 03:34 PM

Cracking me up, ROFL
I do these blingy things but I don't even like some of them :D It just seems to be what people want. Could you give me the boy's colors too, that will help me pick a nice color without using rhinestones, and such. Thanks, Cheryl

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