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spookychick13 04-24-2011 01:12 PM

More Flex Tree saddle questions.
I have been in the process of fitting my VERY hard to fit horse for a while now. He is overweight, his back is dropped from not being ridden for 5+ years (I adopted him in Jan this year, am working on slow weight loss and building up his back). He is a typical arab in the sense that he has a short back, but he is very big boned and tall (15.3).
The saddle fitter brought out this saddle, and so far it's a go, but she wants to see me ride in it and it's been very muddy. Dog Bone Trail: Circle Y
I know this is a first generation flex tree. What exactly does that mean?
As my horse's back comes up, will this still fit him alright?
Is it ok to use this kind of tree with a heavier rider? (My husband wants to ride occasionally, and he is a tall, big guy).
I just want to do what's right by my horse, apparently he already has saddle fit and saddle issues. His previous owner was a bigger gal (300lbs about) and couldn't find a saddle to fit him, so she ended up using a synthetic english saddle.:shock:

When we tried this saddle on him, he was more accepting/relaxed about it than anything else I put on him, except for my really really old Stubben dressage saddle, which doesn't really fit him.
I want to keep him western and plan on mostly just trail riding.

My previous horse was so easy to fit! Ah well, it will be worth it once we get it right.

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