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Sarahandlola 04-25-2011 04:34 PM

Why does she do this to me!? Hack...
I have another thread of Lola's weight where I was also saying about her few hacks we have been going on...Well since that topic is really about her weight I will make a new one.

Some of you know I had my first hack(And her first hack in this area) last tuesday. There were 5 other horses with us. She was fairly calm. She spooked twice. Once because another horse spooked and the second time when she stepped on crunchy leaves. But she kept pulling her head down like she used to when her old saddle did not fit. I thought nothing of it really but I was a bit worried her new saddle was pinching etc. Well I got it checked and fitted and it still fits perfect. SO yesterday I went on my second hack with my friend who is also a nervous rider on a horse who has only been on this particular route once. We were going along nicely. Her horse kept spooking so I went in front. Lola was so focused on what was in the bushes she spooked when the other horse snorted XD So along we went and we make it to the jumping area outside the forest. We go up to where the jumps are and notice there are other horses there jumping so we turn back to avoid upsetting Lola and the other horse. Then we walk around for a while and Lola starts really playing up! She pulled her head into the air and went down onto her back legs threatening to rear. She didn't rear though. And I kept her moving again. She was also pulling her head down again..She we go home and she is still pulling at her head. Then we go into the arena and trot a few laps since we got nothing done on the hack. She was ok in the arena. A bit of pulling but that is because she was coughing and snorting a lot.

Then today we went again. This time my friends mother followed in the car. Before we left I trotted her in the arena to try get some frustration out of her. Then off we went. She pretty much starts acting up straight away. When I try and stop her she backs up and swings her butt around ( She has been doing this a lot lately even in the arena..Anyone have any idea why?) Then we get out onto the road and she walks along ok. I go in front again because the other horse is not fond of being in front. Then we make it too the forest with not much head tossing. We go up to the jump area and my friend jumps her horse. Lola stands perfectly well while he is jumping round her. But then he goes out of view! She can hear him but cannot see him and she goes crazy. Her head goes straight up into the air and she feels soooo tense and ready to take off. So I try to walk her the other way to calm her down. She then spins around. The other horse comes back then and she relaxes a tiny bit. Then we get going home and she is pulling and tossing even more. She pulls her head to one side and grabs onto the bit. Then she did a new thing...Randomly stopping and throwing her head around like a lunatic ...So I kick her on and she keeps stopping doing the same thing. Then we are a few minutes from home and she is really rushing to trot so we trot up the road. In the field beside the road there was a foal and when he seen us trotting up he went off into a galloping and bucking craze. This upset both Lola and the other horse so we stopped them before they did the same. Then when we got into the yard we trotted to the stalls..

So now...Sorry about the story but most of you know about my confidence on Lola. It has been going so well these last 2 weeks. I even jumped her a few times. But this is not helping. If she rears I will most definitely never get on her again. I am terrified of horses that rear. It put me off horses for a year and took ages to get some confidence back the last time it happened. Any advice please to stop her from doing what she is doing? Could it be the bit that is annoying her or is it the bit open space and new things making her want to explode. She has never threatened to rear before...Maybe it is because she is in season? but that does not explain why she does not do it in the arena...Obviously I know this was only her 3rd time on a hack here but does she really have an excuse to rear...I really wanted to get off her today for so many reasons but I am glad I stayed on.

We were also planning on going again tomorrow but should I do arena work instead? Or both? I could ride her in the morning to blow of some steam then hack in the afternoon?

I need her to behave because we go on a lot of treks in the summer. And those treks will have a lot more than two horses who will be doing a lot of different things at the same time. Or I was just thinking could she feel bad because there is only two horses since she was a bit better behaved with the 5 horses. Next time we go on a hack hopefully some other horse can come to stand with her while my friend jumps. Or maybe I will do one or two little jumps...I tried to go down a little hill today and she was like 'Ehh no thank you I am not going down that!' =/

luvbear8 04-25-2011 07:44 PM

What kind of bit are you using? I was having the same problems with a mare I had a while back and she only really listened in a bit that had a curb chain.

My advice to you would be to lounge her in the arena before you get gives her a chance to blow off some steam. I would recommend making eye contact and continue to send her forward until she starts showing that she's calm and submissive (ie chewing, licking, lowering her head).

Once you're done lounging, get on her and ride in the arena at a walk trot canter and back in both directions to warm her up and get you relaxed. Once she's going well and listening to your aids, go ahead and take her to the place you plan to ride.

You have two options at this point, repeat the lounging process outside the arena to show her that its the same as arena work, or you can get on and proceed with your hack.

If she tries to rear or is tense, make her move her feet. This will get her attention back on you and what you want to do.

Hope this helps!

Sarahanns 04-25-2011 08:34 PM

Dont use chain ones on her

Sarahandlola 04-26-2011 03:15 AM

I am using a full cheek snaffle. I am going to try ride her today before I go then see how she behaves.

Sarahandlola 04-26-2011 04:22 PM

Well scratch that whole thing about her only doing it on a hack!! Today I rode her in a lesson and she was just the same! Backing up and swinging around when I stopped her..Pulling her head down non stop! Throwing is into the air...Oh man sge wrecked my head today..

So she is getting her teeth checked on thursday...But she only get them done about 5 months ago =/ She is also locking her jaw a lot! And then next week her back etc will be checked. If all is good I dunno what I am gonna do with her!

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