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brackabrack 04-25-2011 04:38 PM

My boy wont lounge ...
Hello all..

I have a 4yo gelding that will follow me everywhere unless there is a bit of tasty grass on the ground. He hates the school (ours is tiny) so i been working with him in a neighbouring field. Only problem is, im about to start popping small jumps, and id like to start on a lounge line with a small cross pole on the circle.

Last time i tried to work him on the lounge, he was trying to strike out at me with the lunge whip (i have taught him voice commands now, so that isnt a problem.) and he couldnt understand to work around me, he was following me into the circle no matter how hard i tried!

I work pretty much on my own as i am on a yard with 8 horses, and i work night shifts, so i am down when nobody else is. I would happily take on any recommendations to help Bracken move out into the circle to hop over a jump a few times to figure out where to put his feet and build his confidence. He is a very quick learner, and i do believe he wants to learn, im just not sure how to approach this problem.

I have jumped him mounted, and his previous owner did too. WHEN she could get on him (he was very naughty with her and didnt like her... she was clueless and scared of him)..But he was a little unsure about where to place his feet, and he would jump it 3 or 3 times at a trot, then enjoy it and ask for canter. then get bored very quickly. He tried to evade the jump too, which told me he wasnt confident. He still went over them though, even if he did just walk over it. I have tried this twice with him, and decided he wasnt 100% ready mentally to tackle them. But i believe he is now, and im ready to take the next step with him.

Any problems he is showing with evading, and asking for canter, or walking over the jump, i can sort out, i just need to know how to each him to lounge then everything i have planned for him will fall into place (hopefully hehe)

Thank you for reading !! xxx

Natasha & Bracken x

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