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WildJessie 04-26-2011 12:46 AM

Rolex Championships??
Anyone going to be in it? Going to watch it? Going to watch it on TV?

I am going to watch it. I am interested in getting into show jumping once I get a horse. I just love seeing all the horses.:D

Just curious to who else will be seeing it.:-)

MyBoyPuck 04-26-2011 05:50 PM

What station is airing it? I'd like to watch the XC.

Sunny 04-26-2011 05:57 PM

Subscribing, as I'd love to know the dates and location of the air time.
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equiniphile 04-26-2011 07:03 PM

I'll definitely be watching the first two days, but I have a show the third day (May 1st) so I'll have to record it.

MyBoyPuck 04-26-2011 08:01 PM

NBC Sports to Feature Live Telecast of Rolex Equestrian Championships Presented by Land Rover - Tuesday April 05 2011
Lexington, KY - Mark your calendar, plan the party and get the big screen ready! For the first time in its history, the Rolex Equestrian Championships presented by Land Rover will air LIVE on NBC Sports, Sunday, May 1, from 2:00 - 3:00 p.m. EDT.&nbsp... {read more}

If this is correct, none of us will be watching anything except highlights for one stinking hour on Sunday.

equiniphile 04-26-2011 08:15 PM

I have DISH, and there's a horse channel (HRTV) that broadcasts mostly racing but also some SJ and eventing comps. It'll probably air on there.

PintoTess 04-26-2011 08:17 PM

I may watch it id I get a little time.

Sunny 04-26-2011 11:15 PM

Whaaaaaat?? They even showed more than that last year!

That stinks.
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WildJessie 04-30-2011 05:57 PM

I have Dish Network and I am going to watch it now.

WildJessie 04-30-2011 05:58 PM

They have a live webcast on the events website

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