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aliabbasshah 02-25-2007 03:12 AM

02 Year old Shire Gelding Needed
My name is Ali i'm from kamoke,Pakistan. i do need this horse for religous ceremonies not for riding or work loads, we belong to a syed Family and we do honour the specific horse as a horse of "Imam Hussain(A.S)" who was the Grandson of "Hazrat Muhammad (P.B.U.H)" we don't ride on the horse which is deputed for this special purpose, the horse will be free from work for the whole life,one once in a year it will be out for take part in muharam procession. we currently have a "percheron Breed Horse" who is doing his dutie excellently.
the SHIR horse should be:
Beheaviour:>most reliable, confident, Calm, Friendly,loving,No Kicking Habits,
Height:>The Tallest at the prime age,The Heathiest
Colour:>Any,Prefered Black,white
Delivery:>Lahore Pakistan,
Dear ,
As u know, its a great religous cause so we believe in "good quality Holy Horse with heavy Draft"plz let me know about the farm price and if u like to contribute with us in this cause u may less the cost. The Grat Lord will be pleased with u. InshaAllah
best regards
Havily Abbas Shah , Near Police station saddar Kamoke,Pakistan

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