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PintoTess 04-28-2011 03:44 AM

I need a REALLY good show horse photo to draw.
I need a photo like this to draw. None of mine work, and I don't feel like drawing this one.

No western please, somthing like the above photo. I will chose the best one to draw.I just want a nice show horse drawing in my book and I can't find any good photos anywhere :-( Thank you.

Can He Star 04-28-2011 03:53 AM

i have elle

PintoTess 04-28-2011 03:55 AM

2nd is too blurry, can't see the detail I need
1st one is a little too small, again, I can't see the detail I need. I'll keep you in mind though.

PintoTess 04-28-2011 06:08 AM


faye 04-28-2011 06:26 AM

You can use these photos of Stan or pride if you want (you are welcome to draw them but please dont do any funny edits to them)


PintoTess 04-28-2011 06:33 AM

Them ones of stan are Perfect! Big, clear and full of detail! I will no way do an edit! Stan is the one I will draw :D I will start it tomorrow. Thankyou faye :D

Can He Star 04-28-2011 06:47 AM

thats fine by me

PintoTess 04-28-2011 06:50 AM

Im still doing yours! Its just, I can actually SEE Faye's photos. I can't say no to you Maddie....

PintoTess 04-29-2011 03:59 AM

Starting Stan now. I have chosen to do this one....

Caitlinpalomino 04-29-2011 04:55 AM

I cant wait to see what you come up with Ellen!!

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