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lilkitty90 04-28-2011 02:38 PM

what's his problem?
so since i'm out of a horse to ride, one of the neighboring farms asked if i ride his new mustang. i don't know much about the mustang except that he said he was 6-8 years old, and from Iowa. but i looked up his tattoo and apparently he's from Oregon and his Birthdate was in 1999.

anyway to his problem. the owner got him out and tied him to a trailer (which he is Terrified of by the way) while trying to tie him the horse reared up and sat down and it ended up cutting the mans finger off, so he went to the hospital and left the horse tied for me to work with and ride when i get there. i saddled him perfectly fine, he didn't want to take the bit but with persistance he finally took it. i didn't know how he would ride and since i was completely by myself i decided to lunge him for a good 30-35 minutes until i felt he was safe enough for me to ride. i hope on and all be danged if he wasn't good as gold, i rode with my mom and her mare Carmen who met us down the road.

the next day, he saddles perfect takes the bit easier and i decide not to lunge since my mom was already there and he did so good the day before, but this time we meet my sister on her mare, and our friend on her gelding. my sisters mare was a bit iffy she tried kicking at him but he handled that well and remained calm.

but my friends gelding.. charged at Shelby (the mustang i was riding) shelby just freaks out and runs backward. no problem, so we just ride with them seperated. but now that rowdy (friends gelding) has done this shelby seems to think rowdy was stealing his mare or something and decided it would be ok to charge rowdy, so rowdy and shelby are fighting and my friend is on her gelding bareback. i pretty much keep shelby pretty under control he rears a few times and spins and tries to kick rowdy while rowdy is trying to bite and kick. this was the first incident of MANY that day before we could get back to his pasture. i don't know why he was like this. but after we finally lost Rowdy and my friend (they went home after shelby kicked her legged. = /) shelby was good as gold, aside from a little head tossing (i assume that was my bit, not sure what he is used to so i was just trying the first one that i had, gonna try a snaffle next) he liked to pull the bit into his mouth and toss his head sideways so that both reins would be on one side (darn him! and he knew he was doing it too!)

how do i fix this problem with my friends gelding? i would like to keep working him but i would also like to ride with my friend too.. i'm not sure how to correct this problem. or if i should even put my friend in such a situation again.

smrobs 04-28-2011 02:54 PM

First question I want to ask is are you sure this mustang is a gelding? Do you know when he was gelded?

Truthfully, it sounds very much like natural behavior for a mustang stallion (or even gelding if he was gelded late or captured older). Me, personally, I would go ahead and ride with your friend again and the instant that your horse started to act even a little bit aggressive; pinned ears, arched neck, squealing, big/high steps, lifted hind feet in prep to kick, I would get after his ass and let him know that is not acceptable. Push him in little tiny circles, get his attention focused back on you. If he tries to ignore you, don't be afraid to bump him in the mouth or whop him on the butt with a bridle rein. Make sure you tell your friend to get as far away as possible the instant you start doing this just to keep her and her horse from getting tangled with you.

However, doing that can get dangerous if not done correctly or at the proper moment.

Horsesdontlie 04-28-2011 03:03 PM

I hope they were able to attach that mans finger. :shock:

Anyhow, I think what I would do would be flamed here. But frankly I have dealt with a few horses like this and it is downright dangerous for everyone. I would suggest not riding if its something you don't think you can handle. All it takes is a good kick here or there and you have another dead horse (broken leg) or a dead rider. I had a horse come after my peaceful gelding, rear up and land on my horses haunches and trying to bite him. When my horse bucked it off and ran sideways away (as I was asking him to) the horse came after me again, I had to get in control of both horses as the rider of the other horse had dropped the reins and was screaming holding onto the saddle horn. That was scary regaining control of that horse cause she wouldn't, and in order to do so very quickly lets say it wasn't very pretty. Thank god my horse is such a doll, and even though he is submissive he didn't bolt and stayed still (as much as he could) when I asked him while this horse was attacking him. Personally if any horse I rode got into a full out fight like that (rearing up and what not) it would get the crap beat out of him. All of my horses know to never kick anything, bite anything while I am around. Now when they are turned out I can't stop them from their pecking order, but if I am around I tolerate none of it because it can become such a deadly situation for us people. If I horse I'm riding kicks out at another horse, they get a slap of a crop or a jab of one heel (serves two purposes to discourage behavior and to swing the butt away from what ever they are kicking at. ) If they try and bite the get the same....

But for people who didn't want me to do that while working with their horse I would do extreme lateral work. If the horse pins its ears and makes any movement towards another horse they get to work harder with side stepping, circles backing up, trotting in circles....ect. But If you can't stop it INSTANTLY and if you can't see it coming. (If you know what to look for you can stop it before it starts) ride the horse alone or not at all. That is a lot better than someone getting seriously hurt or killed.

lilkitty90 04-28-2011 03:24 PM

ok to smrobs ~ i'm not sure WHEN he was gelded and when he was captured but he IS gelded. i did pop him with the reins every time he did it and kicked him to go forward, he doesn't know alot of stuff so he's still learning all the stuff, i can control him and i did, but he reared up and almost went backwards and i lost my rein and thats why she got kicked, with the bit i had chosen to use there was tons of head tossing and he didn't really listen to it, i used my Argentine Snaffle on him and he probably isn't used to such a thing. trying a snaffle this time. riding him again today but my friend hasn't been answering my calls >.> so i assume i'm not riding with her today.

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