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manca 04-29-2011 12:41 PM

Please help... How should I react on that?
Long story short: I went on a trail, down the hill we sometimes canter on (from the other direction), when we were down Candy turned around and went crazy. She cantered, bucked, etc... I managed to slow her down, we turned and when we came to the same place she did the same thing.
When she bucked the third time in a row (that's the buck I always fall down), I pulled on the reins hard. I never do that. I hate seeing things like that. But I did it and now I feel horrible.

So she stopped and she was doing that little dance on the spot, didn't want to turn and desperatly wanted to canter and do crazy things. I even couldn't get her to stop completly. She didn't stop dancing. I hopped down and took her in my direction.

She was walking ok, when we came to the spot she started troting. I made her walk around me. I think we made about 50meters like that. Then she calmed down and I could ride again.

After awhile the car drove in our direction. She jumped 3meters in the air, turned and cantered away. She doesn't do that to cars! Then she didn't want to pass that spot. Ugh... I went on other hill and trotted up. She stopped and turned because a dog was barking far away. We walked down then again trotted up. Then repeated this for half an hour, until she passed the barking dog. Then she was good.

I think this happened because she wasn't out on the paddock for three days (rain makes mud) and she had a day off yesterday.

But a real question is what should I do when she goes crazy? Let her canter and buck on the direction she wants and hope I won't fall down? Stay on and make her pass the spot she turns around?
What should I have done?

(I can't lunge her because it's all MUD)

And does this mean she doesn't respect me? Because she really wanted to get rid off me so that she could run.

Jacksmama 04-29-2011 12:55 PM

I think the fact that she hadn't had turn out for a few days is a huge factor in this. In the future, you might consider lunging her for a bit in a situation like this to take the edge off of her. If she is that full of energy I'd work her BUTT off. Make her move, transitions, figure 8s, serpentines, backing, lead changes, anything to keep her butt moving. If you keep her busy not only will it get the fuzz out of her in a way YOU tell her to, but it will reinforce that she doesn't get to act out however she wants.

faye 04-29-2011 01:34 PM

Once you are in the situation itself (i.e she is bucking) then your best bet is to do what ever needed to get her head up and back under control.
When stan had a bronk session he got his back teeth hauled out and several jabs too (to get his head up from between his knees), he normaly also got a hefty smack on the bottom (to alert him to the fact that I was distinctly unamused). Do anything you need to do to get her back under control. Occassionaly when stan took hold and felt like he was going to take off with me I would haul his head round so that him nose was nearly on my knee as they cannot take off with you like that.

No it isnt pleasent for the horse but it is far more pleasent then being hit by a car or ending up with a bullet in his head because he managed to kill you (and it is scarily easy to snap your neck in a fall) and no one will take on a horse with those issues that has already killed someone.

Short, sharp shock to stop the behavior escalating to the point where both his and more importantly YOUR life are in danger.

manca 04-29-2011 03:36 PM

I would have lung her but there is mud everywhere and it's impossible to do it.
If she is ful of energy and I can't lunge I always go riding on a hill very near my home and we ride there until she's tired.
But today she didn't seem like she'll go crazy. She was walking slow, more slowly than we're used to, and that's why I went further... She told that she has too much energy later. :S

You both gave me good advices, if things like this happen I usually freeze and it's all about what should I do? And I can't come up with an idea. I'll knew it now. Thanks :)

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