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Coyote 04-29-2011 07:43 PM

"Unusual" Tack Boxes?
I'll be needing a tack box soon that I can leave at the barn in order to store my stuff and keep people out of it. I've noticed a lot of tack boxes are fairly small...and really expensive...not really something that can hold a lot of stuff...and not easy on my budget. So I have been searching online to find a good deal on a tack box since they are so expensive and I would like to make a good choice.

I found this last night, and was pretty excited about it because it is really big and seems like a pretty good price for what it is. I was wondering if anyone here has used something like this or if not would you consider using it?

Extra Large Deck Box | Deck Boxes | Garage

Specs are:
  • 99 Gallon capacity / Inside Dimensions 49.5"w x 20"h x 23"d.
  • Weather resistant / Water Proof
  • Hinged Lid with padlock slots (padlock not included)
  • "No tool Assembly"
  • Outside Dimensions 53.5"w x 24" h x 23"d
  • Looks Nice/sturdy
  • Too Big/bulky ?
  • Might be easy to take apart, (Might be fixable with extra glue.)
  • Not easy to move around-- lacks wheels and handles. (Might be nice when considering theft however.)
  • Could a saddle fit in it without damaging the saddle? There is a tack room available to leave the saddle in, however if I am spending this much money on all of these things myself, I don't want to risk anything happening to it.

All thoughts are appreciated!

raywonk 04-29-2011 09:01 PM

If it is and english sadle you should be able to fit it and still have room for other stuff. I would like it better if it had wheels on it so you could take it to a show if you wanted to, but it would be very easy to buy wheels and screew them on it. As long as the place you will be storing it has enuff room for it go for it. I agree with you that horse take boxes are to much money. Thier are lots of other things out thier that you can use. I like the ruber made closets. I want to get one and put it out side for a small take area next to my paddoct for quiek stuff.

CecilliaB 04-29-2011 09:33 PM

I used to have one of these for my tack. My only issue was that over time the lid warped :(

Stoddard 04-29-2011 10:52 PM

I used to use a storage box for all my stuff, though neither of my saddles fit into it, I wasn't really worried about theft. (They locked the tack room every night.) Maybe building your own box out of cheap wood would be an easy solution?

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