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Brandon 05-02-2008 07:16 PM

Training a neighbors Pony!!! need ADVICE!
WOW lol my neighbor has had this palomino colored pony for the LONGEST time, and they don't do anythin with it.. everyday i pass this little pony and just see it sitin in there little back yard collectin dust lol jk. Ok well it just hit me in the head today that maybe this would be the most perfect opportunity for me to start getting experience in trainin!!

My mom is gonna mention that i want to train there little pony (because i dont know them personally) tomorrow, so i hope they say yes. Now the problem for me is, I have NO idea if this horse is green or what..

I dont even know if they have a halter, bridle, or even a saddle.. heck i dont think they even have grooming supplies.

My question is, How should i start trianing this horse?
What should i start off with?
What should i do?

Lol i dont know where to begin!!

So if anyone could give me a detailed explaination on what stuff i should do.. it would greatly help!!

I am so excited, and i hope they say yes.. but please give me your best advice!!

p.s- the pony's name is Rambo


ShadowFox 05-02-2008 07:27 PM

If they say yes--

First of all, ask them what his history was...Has he been ridden? Any type of training? But normally i would start working a new horse that i didn't know on the ground first. This entitles you to kind of see what to expect when you start riding him. Also Lunging is a good idea.

Before i would ride him i suggest strongly that you make a type of bond or until he knows you enough for you to ride him.

Otherwise crosstying him and working him with normal...every-day situations is probably good. BTW- do these people have a ring or flat field to ride him in?

Hope I helped!

Brandon 05-02-2008 08:00 PM

Well the yard they keep there pony is not very big, i mean its not really small buts its not really big either.. i dont know how much training the little pony has had, i will try to get pictures if they say yes. I remember along time ago one of the little 7 year olds ridin him, but the dad was leadin also.. i think.....been so long ago..

Ya my first mission, was to just to kinda of get to know the horse and have the pony get use to me and stuff.. so if they say yes, this will be an awsome opportunity for me..

Altho i might have to buy Grooming supplies, and a halter (not sure about the bridle just yet).. becuase i dont know if they even have a hoof pick... which i am sure they do (i think)

brittx6x6 05-02-2008 11:09 PM

Well if they say yes try to find out what history they know of the pony. Many ponies that I deal with we don't know the history of so we begin. . .

1. Take a halter and lead rope and walk over to the pony. If the pony stands then good. If the pony runs a way. Stand and wait for the pony to come to you.
2. Put the halter and lead rope on. If the pony is willing to follow you, then it probably is halter broke. If it starts freaking/spazzing then its not halter broke ha ha ha
3. Tie the pony and take a body brush out. Let the pony smell the brush and then start brushing. If the pony is fine (can do a little dancing) then it doesn't mined being groomed. If it tries to kick you then don't move on. This means you need to work on grooming and ground manners
4. If you can pick the pony's feet and brush it then take a saddle pad and put it on the pony. If they pony allows this praise it. If it doesn't let the pony smell the saddle pad and rub it against him/her. If they don't let you do this then don't move on to the saddle
5. if you can get a saddle pad on then put the saddle on. If the pony doesnt allow this then you will need to work with tacking up. (pony probably isn't broke)
6. If you can get a grith on and a bridle then the pony has been handled before, but don't get to excited because it may have never allowed someone on his/her back.
7. Lunge the pony on lunge line and watch how it reacts. If it tries everything to get the saddle off then its not broke. If its perfectly fine you may be lucky
8. attempt to get on the pony and go from there ..........

If you get this far than let us know so we can give you some more advice.

I hope this helps :D

PaintHorseMares 05-02-2008 11:23 PM

Excellent advice from brittx6x6 and remember...patience and praise are key. Always end a session on a good note. If something isn't working well, go back to something that you know he can do and end on that.

rach2306 05-03-2008 11:27 AM

Is there any update on this one? I am new on here and just catching up with the posts. This one caught my attention as I bought a 2 yr old a couple of yrs ago and had to take her from hardly being touched to baking her

Brandon 05-03-2008 06:08 PM

well the neighbors said yes, but he said the bridle is broken so.. i take it that this horse is broke becuase he is constantly around kids.. so i dk, but i will go talk to him and talk to him.

Dumas'_Grrrl 05-03-2008 08:00 PM

I bet you could repair the bridle or make your own.. from the one of the topics here! Good luck.

ShadowFox 05-03-2008 08:59 PM

Let us know if there are any upcoming problems! <Good Luck!

Brandon 05-03-2008 10:56 PM

Hurray! mom just told me that they neighbors don't mind if i come and work with there pony. So this week i am gonna go over and start workin :D

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