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crazyhorse_joshmo 05-02-2008 11:26 PM

worst race week ever!!!
ok so imma regular and have been racing for about three years now,,,well on monday i was leading in for this claimers race just because there was nothing better to do and they needed a extra lead,,,so i got on this stupid three year old whos racing career ended due to an injury,,,little did i kno he had only been ridden twice before this and had never lead before,,,so wen i get in the paddok they assighn me what seemed to be the tallest horse there and he was a freak!!! he wouldnt calm down thus making my lead pony freak out as well,,,it was horrible everyone was pointing and laughing at us and the jockey (whom i knew) was cool with it so that was good he said he didnt care and he knew my problem,,,SO ANYWAYS we ge to he gate and my horse stops and will not move!!! we still have like 30 more feet to go before i unhitch the racehorse and put him into the hands of the loader,,,ugh it sucked,,,so after that i went back to grooming and watching the races,,,what a way to start a week,,,,so then on wednesday i had to lead again but on a different horse thank god,,,but this was a claimers race and there was the new bug boy atop this huge beast of a filly,,,he was all freakin out so the whole lap i had to tell him to calm down other wise his horse is gonna be worse on the track...idk if that helped but o well,,,he ended up gettin second to last,,,then just today it was my turn to race!!! yay!!! NOT! this horse i have been training forever it seems like was scheduled his first race today,,just a small one,,,,neways he did horrible and the owner was not pleased and may sell him which is sad because it was his first race and he was nervous and i kno he has the potential to be spectacular,,,i really dont think them owners kno what they are doing if they are going to sell him,,,hell ill buy him,,,so thats my week,,,ugh i feel better getting it out lol

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