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donatellodemerlieux 05-01-2011 07:57 PM

Would somebody make me a hippology study guide?
I don't know if other 4hs do this, but the day that we check in the horses on fair week, we take a hippology test that goes towards high point. I was wondering if somebody would be willing to make me a study guide? It could either be me answering questions, or anything pretty much. It must have the following on it:
Horse breeds
Facial markings
Tying knots&safety
Equipment uses and names
Tack uses and names (including bits)
Poisonous plants
Confirmation (problems and how it should look)
Parts of the horse&hoof
Other facts that you think I might need.

This would be amazing if anybody would take a few minutes to do it! you could post it here or message me with it :)

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