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mvinotime 05-01-2011 11:43 PM

Jr Cowhorse bit...anyone use one?
Just wondering if anyone is using/has used and any info including pros and cons. Currently in an O ring snaffle and doing just fine but thinking of "graduating" just a bit and having both to switch back and forth between. Thanks.

bubba13 05-02-2011 12:01 PM

The Junior Cowhorse
The Junior Cowhorse is a moderate gag bit that is popular for the transition between a snaffle and a curb bit in a young horse. The two-piece jointed "snaffle" mouth, three-piece dogbone, and chain are the most common mouthpieces, but there are many other varieties. When used with a leather curb adjusted loosely, it is a very forgiving bit as it gives a signal to the mouth before fully engaging and putting pressure under the chin.

Everything about this bit is in moderation--the shanks are off a medium length, they are slightly curved, and there is only a little curb action. This means that the Junior Cowhorse isn't a particularly harsh bit compared with some others on the market. It also makes it a good transition bit into a gag, draw, shanked, or curb bit.

If you are using this bit as a transition from a snaffle, it is best to start with a leather curb strap and the same mouthpiece your horse is already used to. However, this bit is also used with great success on broke, finished horses as it has a lot of lift and keeps them light. Like many gag bits, it's great for "pick up" and lateral movement, and is popular with trainers, ropers, and other speed event folks.

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