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PaintLover17 05-02-2011 02:16 AM

Is this a good idea?
I bought my paint mare in October and since then I have switched from riding western to hunters. I'm working with my trainer to teach me and my mare (she was a barrel horse) correct form etc. The only problem is I feel like I can't concentrate much on my position because I'm always having to pay attention to my mare's frame and pace. I feel like if I really want to improve as a rider I need some practice on an experienced horse. Problem is my trainer's lesson horses are for beginners. I've been lookin at other barns near me and want to take a few lessons (probably 10 because if you buy 10 you get a discount) to concentrate just on my form and get more experience riding other horses. So my question is do you think it's ok to take some lessons at another barn while continuing them once a week on my mare?
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kitten_Val 05-02-2011 08:32 AM

Personally I don't see a big issue with taking lessons in other barn (I did take lessons with my dressage instructor and took extra in jumping barn as well in same time).

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