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hhadavis 05-03-2008 02:48 PM

8 YO Gelding TWH
I guess I want to know if its too late to break an 8 year old horse to ride. Brief history, when I bought him he was supposed to be broke, great with kids etc. We did ride him for a short time but he was just recovering from a resipitory infection so we didnt push it. Got him home, and after he settled in tried to ride him...well didnt work out, he had a bucking fit. Well in my mind taking him back to his owners wasnt an option because he really is a sweetheart, people oriented horse on the ground, and they didnt take care of him. Ive put about 200 pounds on him, had his feet taken care of that had never been done as far as I could tell, and teeth were floated. Well he is great in a round pen for ground work(expert really), have been re-introducing to all that, but in about 6 rides now (he is totally inexperienced) twice Ive been bucked off, hard. SO I guess I want to know if I keep working with him, will he eventually get it, or is it too late? He really is a sweetheart, hes been checked out by the vet to be fine, but I dont know if hes just set in his ways or what.

luv2show 05-03-2008 03:14 PM

I think he'll get it. I'm glad you're doing lots and lots of groundwork with him. It's not an easy job training a horse, that's for sure!

Stick to it. If you cannot handle it, or you feel really unsafe working with this horse, take him to a trainer.

Dumas'_Grrrl 05-03-2008 08:11 PM

I would say that at 8 he knows what he's doing...Scaring the crap outta you! :lol: If he's been riden before I would think about taking him to a trainer and have him ridden for a good month. Then bring him back home and see what happens. Sounds like he needs a good refresher!

Jrchloe 05-04-2008 12:01 AM

Since he is bucking so hard I would get a vet out there to check to make sure his back or hips don't hurt him. Then I would check the saddle fit. If its not a medical problem and the saddle fits then its a respect problem. He doesn't respect you and he knows he can get away with bucking. Here are some websites that might give you some ideas and explain things better than I could:

hhadavis 05-04-2008 08:30 AM


Thank you for the article links...and everyone else that replied, thank you. I dont think he is a bad horse, I just think he has gotten used to having his way and possibly had a bad saddle on him before because thats when the tension starts. I cant even get him to stand still while I try to get on, and I knew there was a problem. Once I get the saddle on he realizes that wasnt so bad, he relaxes but then when I try to mount its like he remembers that doesnt feel so great either. Im going to try a few of those suggestions and a slower route to getting him used to his misssion in life I guess. Its just weird I guess because he is such a puppy dog on the ground, hes the first at the barn and he just stands there wanting you to mess with him. My others have to hear the feed bins coming out before they even come to investigate. Ill just keep working on his issues and hopefully with time have a good update to report.

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