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BluMagic 05-03-2008 11:01 PM

Too Fast------->vroom!
Okay, I have been working with Blu a lot on show stuff. Only I can't seem to get him into a proper, collected, show lope. He just strides too big and goes too fast. And that's a HUGE problem. I can't be running into other horses or turning circles the whole show! I have been working on half-halts and serpentines and slide-stops and leg pressure and headset and etc. He just doesn't seem to want to slow down. He has an elegant jog, almost trot that is perfect for show. But his poor lope makes it almost impossible to show like I want. I NEED IDEAS! Thank you...

horsestar8100 05-04-2008 03:55 AM

Once rode a horse like that, and every now and than he would go, and just keep going. 1/2 halt him, and use those abs! By sitting up straight you are telling him to round himself, and thus he should collect and slow naturally. I would also suggest some loung work before you ride, could be he has to much energy. Currently riding a horse that should have pink ears on her, she's like that enegizer bunny, just keeps going, and going, and going, but it can be controled energy. I also did this exercise with my instructor, scale of 1-10. 1-4 being lazy, 5 is show perfect, looks like they have some where to be, but not rushing, 6-10 rushing. It's kinda hard to explain, but I'll try and explain. Basically you want to have energy, but not so much they are almost running off. With my mare (trust me, this will make you really think), I would have to really pay attention to how much swing there was (both in body and hoof), if there was too much I would half halt or check and release, if she was going to slow, I'd nudge her while checking her (this may seem counter active, but it works). I was telling her to pick up speed, but not to take off. I had gotten this down, when my instructor (different instructor) said it had taken some of her more advance studens a few lessons to get this down. I would also suggest maybe get an experienced person to work with him, or have an experienced person work with the both of you, perferably someone that has shown in what ever discipline you're planning on shwing in.

BluMagic 05-04-2008 12:27 PM

Thank you.

I want a lope like this(at the beginning) or something close:

Because, personally I don't like this kind of lope:

The first video of Blu I posted was close to his lope with the higher head and stuff. :? I DO NOT want to have to use a tie down or martingale to get Boo to keep his head down. :(

BluMagic 05-04-2008 12:28 PM

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