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RubaiyateBandit 05-03-2011 02:35 PM

Any Classic Car owners/restorers out there?
Back in high school, my dad was fixing up his dad's old car, a 1934 Plymouth. Well, he never got it completely rebuilt, but it's **** close, and now he's brought it home for him and I to finish up.
It runs (original engine, even), but has a crack in the engine block, needs new brakes, is down a front windshield, and needs the exhaust system rebuilt -- everything else is just cosmetic (reupholster the interior, new paint job, and a door handle and bumpers needs reattached.)

One thing I'm not sure about though is... this car was before seatbelts and turn signals. I thought there were laws that said something about classic cars being exempt from needing them, or am I mistaken? Anyone know? (I live in Iowa, for the record.)

And for the hell of it.... pictures! :D (These were taken when we first got it home. I cleaned it up since.)

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