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hotreddun 05-05-2011 01:02 AM

Giddyup Flix
I wanted to post on here...and I'm doing so on all other horsey forums about the company Giddyup Flix. This is a DVD program like Netflix but entirely for horse stuff. I loved the idea of this company at first because Netflix never carries our horse programs...but I have to say it was a total waste of money. I paid my $11 fee for the one-at-a-time rental... I didn't get my first DVD until 10 days after I subscribed! Then only received 1 other DVD for the entire month! 2 DVD's for the whole month! Compared to Netflix where I get one a week or so. Then ALL of my other discs in my queue were rented out and unavailable so I cancelled my membership.

I just so happened to cancel on the day that they billed me for my second month. THE SAME DAY! Well...they REFUSE to give me my money back for that month...and they refuse to send me DVD's too. So they charged me a second month for NOTHING!

Just a little consumer warning :evil:

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