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Beauseant 05-05-2011 11:10 PM

Beau meets..the pond!!! Will he go in..or not?
Some of you may have seen Beau splashing about in his water tank....but what do you think will happen when he is confronted with a BIG body of water ... a pond near his pasture. Will he go in or chicken out?

And what about Epona the scaredy cat.....At 9 yrs old, Epona is too mature to "play" and she is scared of her own tail. Will SHE be brave enough to take a dip?? Has she learned to mimic Beau?

See the video and then tell me: are my horses weird or not?

csimkunas6 05-06-2011 10:09 PM

Great video!! Looks like they both had a great time in the water!!!

MajesticSpirit 05-07-2011 02:15 AM

That is so cute. Can I have Epona pelase? :)

Beauseant 05-07-2011 08:48 AM

Majestic, on behalf of Epona, thank you.

Usually, it is Beau who gets all the compliments because he is a flashy, gray ex racehorse....but every once in a while someone will have a soft spot in their hearts for fat, boring drafts with fluffy white feathers.:D

It's also a personality thing, I suppose, because Beau is very very forward and friendly with people...whereas we suspect Epona was badly abused at some point because before we bought her, we saw a trainer working with her and she had SERIOUS violence issues. We witnessed her throw the trainer agaist the wall like a rag doll.... of course, she hated the trainer and the trainer's methods were extremely aggressive. I suppose Epona decided she'd had enough of people and their heavy handed methods and fought back.

we've had her for 2 years, and she has never ever shown any violence towards us. She has been an angel. I trust my 10 yr. old 65 lb grandson around her. She does not kick, she does not bite.... she is a Belgian cream puff (pardon the pun). HOWEVER, she NEVER approaches people except my son and daughter. If you go to her in the field, she'll let you pet her....but she'll NEVER come to you. She's seen the dark side of humans, and isn't too willing to approach them.

Whereas Beau loves everybody and everything.....except dogs. He hates them and has become violent with the farm ower's we have to watch him around them.....

Anothter warm day in store for today, so I suspect we will take another dip in the pond later this afternoon...:-)

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