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Whisper22 05-06-2011 07:55 PM

Looking for a trainer in AZ.
So I'm looking for a trainer who is willing to trade for electrical work. Persia needs at least 60 days with a professional. She is just too big and pushy for me to start on my own. The trainer I have currently working with Whisper doesn't seem interested in taking on Persia when he's done. Whisper is already taking up most of his free time.

Persia is a 5 year old Percheron/QH, only about 15.3hh. She's thick and pushy but also very smart, I have no doubt in the right hands she will learn respect real quick. She has been saddled and does pretty good with all of her groundwork. She seems to be having a problem on her right side, doesn't even like when I stand on that side but usually tolerates it for most exercises.

My husband is an electrician by profession, has been since pretty much the start of his working career. He isn't licensed because he has always worked for big companys but about two years ago got layed off and has been working for himself ever since. He has plenty of referals if needed. He is an extremely honest man and gives great prices, at least half of what it would cost to go through a big company in most cases.

I'm looking for someone in either the Queen Creek, Mesa, Gilbert, or Apache Junction area. If you know of anyone or you yourself would be interested please let me know.

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