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morabhobbyhorse 05-09-2011 01:31 PM

Horse ID Tags For Sale, Hand Made
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A member here at the forum asked me if I would make her some ID tags for her horses, and I thought it was a great idea. I put your horse's name, your name and phone number in case you should fall off trail riding, or you can use these on halters if you go camping in case your horse gets loose from the high line. I made up one for my brat today since I am old and fall off a lot, LOL and she just moved to a new boarding facility. I do everything by hand and I can tool them, or add bling to them. The price varies depending on what you want. On the forum member I put tiny rhinestones in her horse's name, and a rhinestone roundel for an O in her name, and added two vintage molded glass buttons that I sewed from underneath and then pulled them tight onto glue. It took all day to do the rhinestones, off and on in a 3 letter name because they are tiny, and flip and have to be glued from the top several times to get the glue down in the channels. You can't glue the channel first and then set the rhinestones or they'd have glue all over them by the time you got them right side up and spaced right. Now working on Sienna's just took a couple hours and then because I changed the design midstream. I use vintage items whenever I can get them and Austrian crystals or Swarovski rhinestones, and other vintage items like the Swarovski prong set star emerald rhinestones. I buy vintage glass items, anything really you can think of that would go in jewelry along with items like silver plate wild horses to set into leather. I have some old, small cats-eye cabochons and green moonstone cabochons, this is just to list a few. I quit selling jewelry and I have tons of stuff left over so sometimes I'll either take something out of it or use say a matching pair of earrings in conchos. You tell me what you want and I'll try to find it. Sienna's has rhinestones and an emerald. Obviously not an EXPENSIVE emerald but pretty and it added interest to her tag. I'll make sure you like yours. Cheryl

morabhobbyhorse 05-13-2011 08:55 AM

I'll be putting some more on here soon because I made this one for my horse and just really played with it a lot. I just didn't want to use a member's tag with her info on an open forum. But hers is don't on a piece of 1 and 1/2" wide leather, approximately 5 inches long, and can be tied to the saddle, and later to the horses halter while on the high line. It's much more professional than mine because i wasn't playing with it. These would be really handy for you folks that camp and trail ride in case of an accidental fall or your horse getting loose from the high line. Write me and let me show you the blank leather I have make up and talk to you about some things I can do with it. Cheryl

morabhobbyhorse 05-23-2011 09:23 PM

I just got a new tool kit
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Now I can stamp the horse IDs instead of using a stencil. I liked the way the stencils looked, but spacing was difficult because the stencil would lay over the letter or number before it.
This was just a practice run on the new tools. As you can probably tell I got the 2 and 5 confused LOL so that's why those are stamped deeper. Plus this was an old piece of rough out leather I had so I was trying different amounts of mallet strikes along with differing degrees of dampness.
I've spent some time thinking since my first order about what would happen on a trail if your horse spooked and ran off. I've never worried about it before because the trails I rode were on the property I boarded at and I knew if something happened Sienna would know her way back to the barn. Actually knowing her, she wouldn't go further than the first blade of grass. But she's at a new facility now and they have miles of trails and I'm not sure if she would know where to go back to, so even though I was just messing around with hers, I have it on her tack.
I'm also putting up a picture of just a few of the items I have to decorate these with. But for 10 bucks you can get a plain stamped one with all your information and I'd think it would be worth the money for the peace of mind. I cut the leather myself (not this one, like I said an old leftover) and hand stamp it, can tool it if you want, paint it, dye it, decorate it, make it as plain or fancy as you want. If you want to talk to me about making you one, or special order conchos for that matter, you can PM me here or write me at This may be one of the cheapest investments you ever made to keep you and your horse safe. Thanks, Cheryl

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