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JamieLeighx 05-10-2011 03:50 PM

Woah Nelly!!
My horse is now fit but is still rushing into jumps.
He is alot better jumping in a canter but he speads up the last few strides which isnt needed.
Basically im asking how can I keep him going steady? Another thing I was wondering is how do I lengthen/shorten his strides.
My trainer has bad arthritis at the minute , but due a lesson soon :)
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JamieLeighx 05-10-2011 05:38 PM

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Tamibunny 05-16-2011 12:17 PM

With the rushing of the jumps I would start with a pole on the ground. Trot up to it like normal, if you feel him start to get quick then right away go down to the walk and make him walk over it. You can even halt and then walk over it. Do this until he stays at the same slow soft pace you want him at, if he approaches it nicely then he can trot over the pole(praise him). When you feel like he is understanding that. then move your poles into a crossrail and repeat. Go to trot in, if he gets quick, I would halt him, then have him walk over the crossrail.... again if he gets soft and slow, allow him to trot the jump.

lengthening and shortening - Im going to assume that you know that it its just lengthening and the shortening of strides without changing the pace. Start at the trot(if you ride in an area) on the short side of the ring, collect him up on the bit do a nice comfy sitting trot when you get to the long side, give a little with your hands, but still keeping the contact, and sqeeze for a larger trot step. Remember especially with your horse he is not alllowed to just go faster. He'll probably want to go into the canter, if he does just bring him back to the trot and try again. Hope thats some kind of help. Once you feel the difference it will be easier.

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