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sineadsmxox 05-14-2011 04:49 AM

what do you all think of Dealers?
Hey, i'm Sinead (thought i might let you know cuz i'm kinda new;D)
Right i recently bought a 14.2 Irish Sports Pony, Connie X. He's 'Rory', cba to post a pic so if you want to, check him out in my horses thing.
Um okay so i got him from a dealers in Dorset, really reliable. They had loads of really nice horses, and Rory has been great. But some people are like, 'oh never buy off a dealer' and it really annoys me. Rory hasn't got issues, he sometimes rears a little but thats it, he has had his back/teeth/feet done, he's all good.
So why doesnt anyone trust dealers? I don't get it? :cry:

kitten_Val 05-14-2011 12:06 PM

It really depends on dealer. Although I personally run into more crapy ones (who rip-off the customers) in same time I've met those who took it seriously and really tried to find a match for the rider.

Strange 05-14-2011 08:59 PM

Why doesn't anyone trust dealers?

Because the bad ones get talked about more than the good ones.

MudPaint 05-16-2011 09:55 AM

Like all things with horses, there are good and bad. But ultimately it's up to you as the buyer to decide if the horse is right for you.

I have no issue purchasing a horse for myself at a dealer. But I only buy from the dealers I know and have a good relationship with. My biggest qualm with dealers is they don't know the horses history. Is it prone to colic, any weird quarks, vet/farrier problems, etc?

In our area, because of the meat auctions, you get a lot of dealers who just go from one auction to the next, swapping horses out every couple of weeks. They are the ones that give dealers a bad rap.

Tamibunny 05-16-2011 12:43 PM

Personally I will never buy a horse from a dealer again, unless they have references a mile long. When I was about 16 my trainer brought in some horses for me to try out from her dealer friend. Long story short I fell in love with this gorgeous and expensive green hunter. Trainer convinced u sthat the investment was worth it, the horse was perfect, quiet, jumped anything, had auto changes passed the vet check.
Well about a month after I had he, he started turning into complete nut case that hardly anyone could ride. We had the vet out and they ran all sorts of test. I hit the roof when the vet called and said the drug test came back positive for a 30 day tranqulizer!! that we were never told the horse got.

Im sure there are some great and honest dealers out there... but I won't ever trust one again.

upnover 05-16-2011 01:35 PM

A dealer's job is to sell a horse and that's where they make their money. Their #1 priority might not be to make sure that the horse is the right fit for the buyer or that the horse is 100% sound or healthy. You'd think it'd do their business good in the long run to be known for their honesty but with a lot of dealers I've seen, the faster they sell the horse the more money they get. But at the same time their horse turn over can be so fast that they might not honestly know a lot about the horses they're selling.

I wouldn't say EVERY dealer is bad or that every horse a dealer sells is bad. In fact, I've gotten quite a few exceptional horses from dealers. But at the same time I would never recommend a person new to horses to go shopping by themselves.

Kayty 05-16-2011 10:59 PM

As a teenager I worked for a dealer for just over 12 months.
I found that the horses that came through that were genuine - sound, fairly quiet and nice enough looking, went for crazy amounts of money. The usuals off the back of the doggers truck and off the track that were nut cases or unsound, we sold for over $2000 - still a lot of money for a dodgey horse!
I was told to get on these horses as a bit of a crash test dummy, do some work with them and within a week they'd be advertised as quiet, young riders horses with dressage potential. I'd be instructed to forget about my correct training, and just get their heads in and down asap, and have it go walk, trot and canter and a bit of leg yield or any other 'trick' that I could force it into before being advertised in a week or two.
I was left to deal with people coming to look at the horses. My boss would drug them before clients arrived, instruct me to sell it or I wouldn't get paid, and then just take off and leave until the people were gone. If any uneveness showed up through the drugs, I was to say that the horse was just foot sore as we'd just taken it's shoes off.

Before working there, I was seeing the horse world very much through rose coloured glasses, so this certainly woke me up to how things are done in that industry.
Seeing how it all works, I would not go through a dealer to buy. As someone above has said, they do not know the horse's full history and if they do, they often will not disclose it. After all, it's their job, their income, their livelihood, if they don't sell horses as quickly as possible, they don't make money.

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