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Sissimut-icehestar 05-06-2008 03:10 PM

annoying ?
So is there something that people say about horses that bugs you, both horse people and non-horse ?
There are loads of things but the ones that prob. bugs me the most are when people say Icelandics are only beginner horses ! or with pony attitudes ! I have know a fair share of icelandics and none of them had the same attitude or temper ! Or when people say they cant trot/canter ! and that they canīt jump or do dressage or somthing like that ! i know that they arenīt gonna become champions in that but heck they can perform it ! and many things on those lines :roll: And yes, since I am an Icelander myself it kinda gets on my nerves when people call them ponies ! But that is my problem :lol:

So do you have something that bugs you ? :wink:

SonnyWimps 05-06-2008 03:20 PM

the main thing that bugs me is having a random person come and tell me not to do "don't walk that close behind that horse he could kick you" :roll:
and stuff like that haha

steffanicgirl 05-06-2008 03:49 PM

I agree with you that when someone says "I can't!" (believe me, I get it alot - I'm the 4-h leader) it drives me nuts! I come back with "get off the horse then"! :wink: And people who say "don't do that!" irk me too (like don't hold your reins so loose/tight, don't work him like that). Excuse me, it's my horse and if I wanted your opinion, I'd ask! Don't get me wrong, I like constructive criticism when I ask for it, but sometimes they go a step too far!

I do remember one time at a show - a fairly large guy was riding a little black pony. As he was walking by, I said "He's very cute, what's his breed?". He gave me the dirtiest look and said "he's not cute, he's handsome" and trotted away... Well, gee, I'm SO sorry to insult you! :roll: I guess we all say annoying things sometimes, but we can complain, right?

Sissimut-icehestar 05-06-2008 03:58 PM

ugh, yeah that " you are doing it wrong " stuff bugs me too, especially if they act all high and mighty about it !
but that cute/handsome thing, I would call that overreacting ! i find it a little funny he would take that as an insult :lol:

PoptartShop 05-06-2008 05:55 PM

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Ahh SO many things bother me lol!! :lol:

Okay, I'll make a list...I'll prolly have more to share though as the time goes on!

- When non-horsey people think you just SIT there. The horse doesn't do all the work, we have to be balanced, have a good posture, & work just as much. It also gives us muscles. :D So you know we're not just sitting there! ALSO, I hate when they think it's not a sport. Like, gimme a break. Why don't you try hopping on my 8yr old horse? Haha, you'll get bucked right off. (Lexi is not the easiest to control, I'm like the ONLY person who can handle it's awesome). :D

-When horse people who are snobby think they know EVERYTHING. I hate that. Snobby people...just, ew. & I don't like when people think they know everything & try to tell me to do differently. Like, get a life, mind your business.

-When people see me jumping (non-horse people) & think that the horse automatically knows how to jump & it's SO easy to jump real First of all, you gotta train the horse to jump. Not all horses are jumpers, anyway!! Some are freaking scared of them lol. :lol: Plus, jumping is something you gotta learn. Like, your position, 2-point & all.

-When some horsey-people brag about how much their horse costs. Ughh, that annoys me soo much, omg. :evil: Like, who cares?! I'm sure my horse is better than yours even if she wasn't like $40,000. Ah, there's this one really rich girl @ my barn...don't even get me started. Her breeches were prolly like $600 lol, crazy fools. :roll: I can get like the same things for way cheaper.

-If people that are NON-horsey, think the trot is a gallop. No....wrong. LOL once I was @ a show, & they were trotting the horses...I heard someone go 'ooh that's so cool they're galloping, I wanna do that!" I felt like turning around & smacking them...those people don't belong to shows, haha. :P I understand they might not know any better, but still it irks me.

-When NON-horsey people think all you do is KICK a horse & it will go, or you YANK the horse's mouth to make it move. NO, NO NO! That really irritates me. :( They're missing the whole point! You gotta squeeze with your legs, too...not KICK as hard as you can, nobody does that lol. Unless their horse is a statue. :lol:

-When non-horsey people (esp. kids) see a pony, they say it's a baby horse. AHHHH! I hate reminding people that a pony is NOT a baby, it's a horse under 14hh lol, & they are a bit different.

Ahh...that's it for now. I'll think of some more later!! :D :evil:

Sissimut-icehestar 05-06-2008 06:38 PM

I can so understand all of that !
also when people say gaited riders just sit there and donīt do anything...
GAH they should try to get this one mare i ride to tölt when shes not in the mood ! sheīs just 6 yo and was "tamed" last year and maaaan she can sometimes be a handful ! It is not just sit and kick ! you have to know what signals she understands, and to know how to use them, when to use them and all of that !
And when people brag about how much they "overpaid" ( not in all cases but some) just makes me laugh "so you spent way too much money, congratulations" :lol:
And it was so funny, there was a school trip to a horse rental a week ago and this kinda guy friend of mine was really cocky and was acted like he knew much more than me (he was kind of kidding, but kind of not :? :lol: ) and than we went for a ride, and it was mostly walk so it was really easy (but i was on the most uncomforable saddle in the world, might i add) but after the ride he was REALLY scared and said that his horse was trying to buck him off when it was just putting its head down to eat and walking a bit ! :lol: I couldnīt resist myself and said "not so brave now are yah ? " with a cocky tone :lol:

Vidaloco 05-06-2008 07:35 PM

I get a little upset with people who cut down gaited horses and riders. You're right Siss they think they can't do anything but gait. Gaited horses can do all the speeds a regular horse can do plus a couple of extras.
Trail riders take a lot of insults too. Like we aren't true horsepeople unless we perform in an arena. There are a lot of arena horses that would freak out in places we have gone. I'm not sure how to put it, but I feel I have to apologize sometimes for being "just a trail rider" when really it takes a great horse to be a great trail horse.
Funny, I always brag about how little we paid :lol: I love a good deal.

Sorry I'm adding to this. I had a family member who talked like he was a good horseman. I wanted to teach him a lesson. I put him on Vida and was going to keep him in the round pen till he got comfortable. He had this been there done that attitude so I told him to go for it. It was really mean of me since I knew he wouldn't be able to handle her. He's lucky he made it back home alive. She was shaken and sore in the mouth when they got here. He was screaming at her and having general fits. They were at a full gallop when they turned the corner for home and she didnt stop till she got to the hitching rail. Last time I let a non-horse who thought he was a horse person ride her. Some people love to talk the talk but cant walk the walk.

PoptartShop 05-06-2008 08:36 PM

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I's so annoying! :evil: add to my list:

- When non-horsey people think when I say 'oh that horse is lame' they think I'm insulting it...LMAO! It's pretty funny, actually. :lol: So like once that happened, & I had to explain that they needed a rest...or are just 'off'. ;) They still thought it was a weird word for it.

- When horsey-people SPOIL their horse. I mean, SPOIL them. Not in the way where they get allllll these types of saddlepads, treats, etc. I mean like, if they do something wrong it's OKAY. I hate that...the horse doesn't respect the rider if you don't discipline it!! :evil: Soo annoying. This one girl @ my old barn did that...her horse was so bad & disrespectful. It's a shame, really. :(

-When horsey-people over-use their crops...ahh, annoying much?! There ARE other ways to discipline.

-When non-horsey-people think picking their feet HURT about annoying. Now, I could see if you were like PICKING the frog...but no, the rest is not as sensitive lol!! I say it feels like a fingernail. :) LMAOO it's so funny when people say 'OMG doesn't that hurt the horse?' no..

Sissimut-icehestar 05-07-2008 07:26 AM

you both are taking words from my mouth !
Vida- I was surprised when i saw an article by an "experienced rider" that say that gaited horses are horses that canīt trot ! :roll: poor icelandic people then, will never get to trot :lol:
And high-five for trail riding ! I most often go on a little trail after Iīve worked her in an arena or a pen, an its often more difficult ! And iīve started to go more and more on a longer trail and just do that ! sometimes it looks like a xc field ! :lol:
Poptart- Itīs just silly what some people think hurts the horse ! like tightening the girth, some people think thats HELL for the horses ! :lol: and ofcourse the hoof thing, some people just donīt get it even if you ask them " you cut your fingernails right?" :lol:

PaintHorseMares 05-07-2008 08:13 AM

Since we own Paints and Paints/QHs are shorter, stocky horses, here are mine:

- When people call them ponies.

- When people call them fat.

- When horsey-people tell me real horses are 16hh or more...UGH.

- When horsey-people with TBs and such don't want to ride with "slower" walking stock horses...Sigh.

- When people call them Pintos.

- When QH purests call them "rejected outcrops".

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