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bellayyoung 05-16-2011 12:54 PM

Horse lameness?
Hi there can anyone help? my 12 year old quarterhorse mare came up sore and lame about 8 months ago after being in for about a week due to bad weather, when turned out in the arena she was full of beans and was bucking and running, after she was done I went to bring her in her stall and she couldn't move almost frozen. i thought maybe it was tying up but she moved forward but was extremly sore. I called the vet and 2000 later the only diagnosis I was given was she has a bit of arthritis in her right hock but it was not enough to be the cause of her lameness. I bought her as a two year old and she hasn't really ever had any hard work except a trail ride here and there. She has suffered from occasional back spasms. After 3 months of having off she seemed to be better so i figured it was maybe a torn ligament or muscle as the X-rays were showing nothing. So I continued to ride with no problems and she seemed great. Just recently 3 weeks ago the same thing happened again and same cirumstances. The odd thing is that she isn't visibly lame at a trot she does toe drag a bit though and after making her trot for 10 mints she is sore and doesn't want to move......I am baffled as to what may be going on with her and the vets have been of no help excpet draining my bank account :(

Wim 05-17-2011 07:18 AM

Whatever the cause of the lameness is, we always first give our horses Arnica montana which is very safe to administer.

Give Arnica montana 30c (or 30k), one dose every 2-3 hours till improvement. If this doesn`t help another remedy may be necessary.

One dose for a horse is 4 tablets or 6 pillules.

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