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New_image 05-16-2011 12:54 PM

Mare "always" in heat now heavily bleeding.... :/
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Sorry its long, please read all of the bits and pieces :shock:

A while back I posted a thread regarding a mare here who never seems to go out of heat, she is a boarders horse and has been here since last fall. Everyone seemed to have the same opinion regarding her as what I had already told the boarder.

Friday morning when I was out feeding everyone this 20 year old "white" mare had a "red" tail and back legs!
She was streaked in blood, bloody tail, back legs, dark clots stuck in her furr, it looked like she'd just delivered a really messy foal. She was acting more or less normal, eating and in no obvious shock or pain. I called the vet and called her owner, the vet I called responded with a "I don't know/Wait and see" and the owner, very alarmed, came and washed the mare up.
She has since started mounting mares, went from the low man on the pecking order (always running from the other horses) to getting in kick fights with the boss. She is usually quite quiet and manageable for her beginner owners and now likes to push them over.

Since they'd brought her here I assumed hormone imbalance of some sort or reproductive organ tumor of some sort with this mare. The blood pushed the owner into looking into the problem of the mare never going out of heat. Vet #2 was called and the mare was palpated. Nothing obvious was found wrong. He drew blood to check the hormone level and gave them all the normal/OK. He is puzzled and a bit alarmed by the bleeding (she is still lightly dripping the occasional blood but nothing like that found Friday) The vet has left it as a wait and see or he suggests taking her to State to have more tests run. This, of course, is the mares owners call more than mine.

I'd like to see an ultrasound done on her to confirm she has no tumor and I think this will be the next step but other than that I am out. Has anyone heard of this?
She has never been pregnant. Has had no contact with a stallion and this was not a miscarriage.
Last month she started coughing, the vet called it heaves for lack of finding anything else wrong but it seems odly timed with this.
And lastly, the mare trips and occasionally falls quite often. The vets don't seem to care but I find it odd and certainly dangerous considering she is a fourteen year old girls trail horse.

MaggiStar 05-16-2011 04:08 PM

Odd the vet knows nothing is there a university hospital you can send her to perhaps for indept tests

New_image 05-18-2011 09:52 AM

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I informed the owner last week when it happened if she were my mare we'd be headed down to MSU.

The vet here drew blood but is hesitating to send it in because he says blood tests will not show hormone levels or if she has a tumor. I don't understand this and told him to send it anyway and have a whole blood panel work up done on this mare.

She is now doing just as a I predicted and leaking a puss like "infection" goo. I assumed this would happen as something ruptured and bled which means something "could" become infected. Both vets say antibiotics will not help whatever "it is" and I have ignored that, started giving her a feed threw antibiotic this morning as I feel trying something is better than the nothing happening here. She does not have a temp, yet. But I'm sure thats next.

mls 05-18-2011 09:59 AM


Originally Posted by New_image (Post 1038730)
Both vets say antibiotics will not help whatever "it is" and I have ignored that, started giving her a feed threw antibiotic this morning as I feel trying something is better than the nothing happening here. She does not have a temp, yet. But I'm sure thats next.

What? TWO vets have said an antibiotic will not help - yet you have decided differently for your boarders horse? For shame! Not knowing what the issue is, you are putting the mare at risk by lowering her immunity.

It is possible she has a uterine infection and feed threw? (I believe you mean through or correctly termed oral) antibiotics are not the drug of choice. She would need a lavage to flush her uterus.

IF that is what is going on. Please do not second guess the professionals. Talk to the boarder and send the mare down for a work up at the U.

Alwaysbehind 05-18-2011 10:08 AM

It sounds like there is more going on here than your local vets want to deal with. Please suggest the owner send her to the university for further testing.

I am not sure the purpose of giving antibiotics if two vets specifically told you not to.

Jacksmama 05-18-2011 10:15 AM

This sounds pretty serious, I have never heard of a mare bleeding like that! Honestly, I would do everything I could to scare the bejeezus out of the owner so they take her somewhere, this isn't something to blow off.

Speed Racer 05-18-2011 10:20 AM

Either take the mare to an equine hospital and bill the owner, or have her do it.

Giving the mare antibiotics when not one but TWO vets said it was contraindicated, is all sorts of wrong. You're not a vet or the owner of the animal, so you have no right to give unauthorized medication.

I know it's frustrating for you to watch this mare suffer, but she's not your animal and you don't get to make the decisions on her health care.

New_image 05-18-2011 12:41 PM

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Good grief! Un-knot you're panties all, the vets did not say NOT to give her antibiotics, they said that they don't think that it will help nor hurt. I am simply trying "something" and the owner knows this.

Speed racer, taking the mare to a hospital and billing the owner would contradict you're last statement would it not? don't get to make the decisions on her health care. Thats right, I -UNFORTUNATELY- do not get to make the calls or she WOULD have been in the trailer Friday morning!!!

This IS well over the local vets heads and they do not know where to go from here.

I continue to suggest to the owner to take her to state.

I posted wondering if anyone has heard of this, not to be yelled at.

iridehorses 05-18-2011 01:43 PM

First of all, no one yelled at you. Secondly, did I read it correctly that the owners are inexperienced - so asking them if you could administer antibiotics is rather pointless since they don't know any better.

2 vets saying that antibiotics won't help sure sounds like I wouldn't be giving it unless I, at least, asked if it would do no harm.

You need to get through to the owners that the horse's well being, if not life, is at stake and they need to get her to the proper facility.

Masquerade 05-18-2011 07:48 PM

I agree with your original thoughts of ovarian tumor, specifically a granulosa cell tumor with the behavioural symptoms you described and I have read about the tumors rupturing causing massive hemorrhage but it would be into the abdominal cavity and therefore contained within the body. I can not think of anything to correlate the behavior with the bleeding and the falling! If they decide to take her to MSU for further testing please let us know what they find out.

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