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Woodland Eventer 05-16-2011 10:23 PM

Would He Be Suited For Eventing?
I've had this gelding for almost a year, got him from a hunter barn. He's very talented over fences, and very willing. I've successfully gotten him to settle over fences, and give to the bit for me. I'm just hoping for some insight as to whether or not he'd be suitable for eventing through the levels. He's already training at Training Level, and I'm planning to begin showing him Intro or Beginner Novice this year. Here are a few pictures(sorry they're not the best to show him):
Trying to step forward to eat:
At a distance in the pasture:
Checking out the ladies:
Here are some videos, some over fences stuff here:
(Sorry this one is kind of jumpy)

Let me know if you need more, I have a lot of pictures over fences that I haven't uploaded yet. I'm working on my legs and release, have been for a while, but with him, releasing is hard. He's pretty strong over 2'6 or higher, so I'm having a rough time. Thanks!

FSHjumper 05-17-2011 04:50 PM

conformation isnt a strong point of mine but the pictures arent very good to judge it, but from what i can tell nothing is screaming NO at me. His hind legs look to have too much angle in the hock but in no picture is he standing square enough to tell for sure. I think that for intro or beginner you will do just fine as far as jumping goes. I think that both of you need more work jumping, you need to get your release every time and sit your butt back more, you tend to jump ahead which can be very dangerous especially in cross country! As far as dressage, theres no flat video to go from and most horses dont tend to go on the bit and as soft when jumping so theres no way to judge how hell do in the dressage portion from what you have here. Overall, I think that (assuming his dressage is decent) you will both do well in the lower level and im sure with more practice you can make it up to training level but I wouldnt say that its something youll get to this year. Definetly work on setting him up more for fences and on your form and developing a more secure seat. Do you have a trainer to help you with some gymnastics etc. to help you secure your seat and to help you to set him up at varying distances.

Woodland Eventer 05-17-2011 06:33 PM

I'm working very hard on my release, my legs, my habit of jumping ahead, etc. I'm self training, mom takes tons of photos and videos to help me. My trainer is taking on a ton of new, young riders and has stopped helping me as much as I feel I need from her for her rates. I feel fairly secure on my position on the flat, my back is doing better and I can actually sit in my saddle. He's progressing very well in dressage, though we're having rough time getting him on the bit as much as I'd like. When the ground dries up or I can get to the local arena, I'll work on getting a dressage video up. I'll also be working on gymnastics. I work with him on grids(same essential idea) a lot. Thanks for the feedback!

MudPaint 05-18-2011 11:33 AM

Getting your horse to come onto the bit and round up is all about working from behind and capturing that energy with an elastic but consistent contact. I think you and I have horses with a similar way of going.

Work on jumping with your horse and making sure your seat/leg is very secure. As you move up the levels, you need to have a strong seat... even sometimes in Beginner Novice. It's a lot of fun though. I recommend starting at intro/elementary at least for your first event till you get comfortable with the way an event runs. And the fences are small enough that it's not intimidating and they're usually pretty forgiving in approach.

Where do you plan on competing?

FSHjumper 05-18-2011 01:51 PM

Oh good, its much easier to fix a problem if you are aware of it and many arent aware of what theyre doing wrong! Kudos to you! I agree with mudpaint that you should start out in intro/elem. until you figure a little more out about how the event will run etc. The fences are easier and so is the dressage tests. Itll be a great place to start. Im starting elem. level this year, had my first event planned for May 28th but due to trailer problems I cant make it, but I have schooled at that level and beginner level and its very inviting!

Woodland Eventer 05-18-2011 04:21 PM

I've run events with my old mare, but acquired this guy because she has a bad hip and cannot jump higher than 2 feet on a good day anymore.

As for where, I've not decided on anywhere yet. Hoping to get into a few High Standard Stables schooling events.

Thank you both!

MudPaint 05-18-2011 04:31 PM

Good luck with wherever you decide to go.

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