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Kymbadina 05-17-2011 06:57 PM

I seriously just want to cry I'm so frustrated, hoof experts help :(
My gelding Gunnar...background...
He's had 3 owners before me. Called the people on his last years coggins. They had him from 5years old until 9 when they sold him. Someone(I dont know who) bought him and then their husband lost his job so they had to turn around and sell him 3 months later. That's when my barn owner called me to go look at him.
So we get his feet looked at, he's healthy good feet except his shoes were on crooked and a size too small. Ok, got correct shoes on. Find out his heels ( I dont know the terminology) they grow inwards instead of straight down. So he has custom shoes on that stick out a little wider than his heels to pull his heel out where it should be. Okay, that's working no problems they are starting to come outwards.
His feet have gone so downhill in about a month I just want to cry. It's like he had his feet trimmed and now a month and a half later they look aweful...
He's developed white line in one of his front, the other front his hoof is peeling! I dont know how that's possible but it is.. in the back his foot is peeling as well and there is a vertical dent all the way up like it's going to split or crack! :(
The biggest issue is his frog appears to have peeled and it has peeled on his cornet band! I am at such a loss for what to do. He's being looked at by the farrier tomorrow at 2. I'm just looking for anyone who has experience with this kind of thing and has any reccomendations as to what I should bring up with the farrier or any ways to help him.
He isn't lame and theres no heat.
^ on his heel is where it's peeling away :/
^ That little hole is white line, there's also a small bit(at least it was small a month ago) under his shoe that my farrier put some weird gunk on that's supposed to kill it?
^My biggest issue :( his frog has peeled his cornet band

YoungCowgirl 05-17-2011 07:12 PM

Holy smokes! His heels are extremely long. I disagree with the white line (don't see anything of that sort) but his hooves are definitely trying to shed out extra sole. His poor frogs have no contact to the ground.

Why does he have shoes?
In my personal opinion I would definitely be pulling those shoes and looking into a natural barefoot trimmer. This is my mare on a barefoot trim, at 5 weeks.

Hope this helps!

smrobs 05-17-2011 07:39 PM

Okay, this is going to sound much more harsh than I really mean it but his feet are downright ugly. His entire hoof capsule is too long, his heels are under-run, and the shoeing job just looks shoddy to me.

A few questions: How long have you owned this horse? Were his feet in a state of severe neglect/overgrowth when you got him? How long have you known this farrier and did you speak to references before deciding to use him?

The hole in his sole in that 2nd picture looks like a place where an abscess blew out to me and I would guess the peeling frog as some sort of fungal thing.

Kymbadina 05-17-2011 07:55 PM

I want him's the farriers reccommendation to keep him shod while he tried fixing his heels? I've owned him since september 17th last year. They weren't overgrown when I got him, they were good except for his shoes being too small and crooked. Then the farrier everyone reccomended at my barn put hind shoes on his front feet. The farrier I have now is the farrier of choice to the barn owner. I haven't been pleased with his work since I've started doing research into the farrier world. I've been trying to find a replacement farrier... :/
My farrier hasn't been to a school..he learned before schools were popular I guess. I just wanted to make sure I wasn't crazy. My horse is boarded where horses aren't prevalent. I'm trying to find a good farrier but have no clue how. The AFA list was down earlier today :/ I'm so worried about my boy. My farrier just doesn't seem proactive..he said "he's not lame now so there aren't any major issues" which really upset me. There ARE major issues..
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YoungCowgirl 05-17-2011 07:59 PM

Where do you live, I can probably find a decent barefoot trimmer nearby.

YoungCowgirl 05-17-2011 08:01 PM

Nevermind, just looked at the bottom of your post and figured it out.
If you go to this website and look under Missouri, there's an add a few people down that lists themselves in your town.
The Horse's Hoof: Professional Trimmers List

Hope this helps!

QOS 05-17-2011 08:02 PM

Don't will be ok. His hooves are way too long - his heels are way too high. The soul is just sloughing off, that is not white line....Biscuit's did recently - so did one of my stable mates. The frog looks like some thrush or fungus.

I concur with the pull the shoes and get a barefoot trimmer to pull those heels down. His heels are way too long.

When I first got Biscuit a huge chunk of his frog came off and I thought omg what happened to his frog! He had never had his feet done correctly and didn't even know to pick them up on command. His feet after 6 months are doing great. I promise they will look 100% better when you get them trimmed correctly. Treat the thrush or fungus - We treated our boys by soaking their feet in water with cider vinegar. I also treated it with a mix of Neosporin ointment mixed with an athlete's foot ointment. I mixed them together and used a syringe to squirt it into the nooks and crannies of his center sulcus that was all ate up. Top that off with a diaper rash ointment that is water proof. I also got a thrush treatment from the vet because Biscuit's heels were soft and tender.

Post pictures afterward you have them trimmed and let us see them. It will take a little while but they will get better!

csimkunas6 05-17-2011 08:02 PM

I agree that, that one spot(hole) on his foot looks like an abscess that has blown out....keep us updated and good luck!!

Where are you located at?

smrobs 05-17-2011 08:06 PM

Try getting in contact with local vet clinics. They usually have a stack of business cards for most the farriers in your area and many of the vets will have one or more that they can recommend as being better than the rest. I do agree that you need to find a different one though, just from the few pictures you've shared, I would be incredibly unhappy with his work too. Those feet are a recipe for disaster as far as lameness goes.

You might also contact local trainers and/or breeders. They will often know a good farrier that they are willing to recommend.

horseloverd2 05-17-2011 08:11 PM

It's okay if the frog is peeling. My horse's started peeling once, and I freaked out about it, but it's natural.

His heels are way too long, as everyone has already stated. I would get a much better farrier to do his hooves. The majority of farriers who haven't gone to an actual school don't know what they're doing. A good farrier, on the other hand, will have those hooves looking much better in just a matter of a few months. Be sure to keep us posted!

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