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SonnyWimps 05-07-2008 10:12 AM

What does your boarding stables offer?
Just curious to see what everyone's boarding stables offers for you and your horse(s).

Mine offers:
-large (and I mean LARGE) indoor arena with lights
-heated tack room
-8 stalls attached to the indoor arena for tacking up, etc
-access to 100+ acres of cleared trails...also the trails can take you out to the Saratoga Battle Field (haven't gone there yet)
-2 huge pastures, 3 medium pastures, 2 small pastures
-at least one run-in-shed in each pasture
-lower barn with 8 stalls in plus a tack room
-horses fed hay and/or grain twice a day
-given fresh water twice a day
-use of the barn owner's horse ointments for cuts, fly spray, tack, and grooming supplies if needed
-an outdoor arena (also used as a pasture in bad/icky weather
-heated water buckets in the winter plus extra grain/hay
-horses brought in stalls (if requested) during ice storms, or heavy snow storms
-and the cutest barn cat ever

edited: to say that I reread this and it sounded like I was saying that this was my's not...I just board there haha

farmpony84 05-07-2008 10:21 AM

mine has 6 stalls... and then space for 2 more that are used for hay and sawdust...20 acres cleared.... 2 barn cats.... a collie and a hound... a four year old boy to whistle and scream and be really really scary... (teehee) um.... a stable cleaner/horse feeder/fly sprayer... uh that's me.... a husband for fence and tractor duty and uh... a riding arena that is semi flat (still under construction)... um...yeah... uh.... 80 acres of trails that belong to my... uh... barn and then the farm lands surrounding us... and uh.... well... un... yeah... OH! and 600 feet of sears brand hose that stretches from the house to the barn.....

feed twice daily... stalls cleaned daily.... horses turned out day and night with 2 stalls (dutch doors) open for shade, also an overhang on the barn.....

Use of "owners" stuff... a horse trailer for tack storage.... teehee

upnover 05-07-2008 03:35 PM

what a cute kitty!!! what's his name?

Our barn has...

-new show barn with 12x16 stalls
-older boarding barn w 12x12 stalls
-3 large outdoor rings worked regularly
-large round pen
-individual tack lockers
-hay/grain 2 or 3 times a day, and supplements if provided
-stalls cleaned daily
-water buckets scrubbed daily
-1/2 day turnout in semi-private paddocks
-blankets in winter
-fans in summer
-scheduling/billing for farrier
-owners live on premises
-lots of trails...

ummm.... i'm sure there's more. i just can't think of it right now!

appylover31803 05-07-2008 05:46 PM

not sure how many stalls my place has (where i board)

-3 barns with 12x12 (or around there) stalls
-1 indoor with lights
-2 round pens
-3 outdoor riding arenas (1 is for jumping)
-1 cross country course
-quite a few pastures
- individual turn out in paddocks
- hay/grain twice a day
-water twice a day
-daily turn out, except for bad weather
-quite a few miles of trails (but to get to the trails you have to go up a pretty steep hill and then down an even steeper hill, so i don't go on trails)
-trail rides
-summer camp
- stalled mucked 1x a day...Shavings are put in once a week (if you want an extra bag, it's $60 extra)

Supplements cost extra
You have to schedule for farrier
Putting fly spray, fly mask, sheets, blankets all cost extra

umm i think thats it.

MaryMooCow22 05-07-2008 06:45 PM

I work at a very small barn, older barn. We have:
- One barn, 19 stalls
- Small tack room, no heating or a/c
- One arena, lighted, not covered
- 1 Grass turnout area
- 4 dirt/plain ground turnout areas
- Access to miles of trails through beautiful park by river
- Stalls mini-cleaned/picked everyday but Wed., full strip every Thurs.

We're small, but I love it. Very personable, family owned. Haha this sounds like an ad now! It's really cool to read about you guys' big barns with heated tack rooms and covered arenas! That's sooo cool!

JustDressageIt 05-07-2008 07:03 PM

I just moved to a new facility

- small indoor arena
- large outdoor arena
- Maia is in a private paddock
- barn
- outdoor tack-up area
- tack lockers
- hours of trails

SonnyWimps 05-07-2008 10:02 PM

she doesn't really have a name....we just call her "Mommy kitty" heehee

blossom856 05-07-2008 10:28 PM

Oooo, this is fun

Mine has:
Many box stalls (I don't know the actual amount)
3 foaling stalls
1 indoor arena
1 outdoor arena
Several small paddocks
Two medium Paddocks
1 large field
Several miles of trails
Small tack room
Individual tack lockers
Stalls cleaned everyday
Hay/grain/water twice daily
Supplements given at no extra cost
Turnout all day/night if desired (they'll still bring them in to eat grain)
Owners on premises
Heated lounge
Tack shop

Solon 05-12-2008 11:27 PM

I board at a full care facility.

18 10 x 24 stalls (huge roomy stalls!)
60 x 180 indoor arena
hot wash rack
turn out pastures
tack boxes
stalls cleaned 6 days a week (boarders clean on Sundays)
all the hay and grain (boarders buy their own suppliments)
access to nice trail across the street
trailer parking
big show barn two miles down the road

price: $265/month

PoptartShop 05-13-2008 12:27 AM

13 Attachment(s)
Mine is really cool; there are 2 locations. ;) One location (they are like 5-10mins away from each other) is for hay rides, more trail riding, etc. They also have paddocks & stalls there, since they have horses at both places. Yeah, lots of horses. :lol:

1 large indoor ring, with a lounge that is heated.
2 outdoor rings (1 of them is mostly used for dressage)
1 XC field
The pastures have shelter, & trees.
Pony paddock
3 turnout paddocks
2 large pastures
Trail riding- they have over 5,000 acres of trails.
2 barns, 1 barn has about 10 stalls the other has about 20 or so. They are very roomy.
Summer camp
Horse Sense Classes (for people who wanna buy a horse, learn first aid, etc. It's really cool).
Birthday parties
Extra grooming supplies & tack always available. Such as crops, brushes, some extra saddles, girths, etc.
You can use the BO's ointments if you need to, like for cuts.
Nice clean heated tack room, everything's numbered (for example my horse's number is 7, so where her tack is its numbered 7 on the racks & such). Pretty organized. :)
Blankets in winter/fly masks in summer (if you want)
Stalls cleaned daily.
Washing area.
Hay, grain twice daily. Water twice a day, buckets always cleaned & scrubbed.
Farrier list (put your horse's name on the list, it gets done, & you get billed.)
Fly spray is free, I usually have my own though.
Daily turnout
Combined system if you like
Trailer parking, & also easy car parking lol.
They have 2 barn dogs, they are so friendly. :D Follow you on the trail too, so cute.

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